Monday, January 5, 2015

More Than A Month!?!?

My last post was on November 25th!! How did I let so much time go by before doing a post?!? I have no excuses to give...but I do have how 'bout I share those in a minute?!?

Life has been good to me. I am a happy healthy girl. I really have no complaints.

I plan to share with you some of the new songs on my Playlist of Power aka my workout playlist. And later in the week, I want to talk about my off-season and how I'm working on, not only my physical, but also my mental well-being.

Until then, here are some pictures to, in a way, update you on what's been going on in my life!
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My friend Savannah and I attended a local powerlifting competition

You can still purchase calendars from Firefighters vs Autisum

Supporting my brother-in-law Josue aka Honey as he rode in the
107 mile El Tour de Tucson

The Mister was home for Thanksgiving! Last Thanksgiving
we spent together was almost 3 years ago!

Pretty sure my niece Nya's leg warmers are the cutest thing ever!

Nya and I enjoying a pedicure during our Girls' Day Out :)

A night out with one of my best friends

Lolo's Chicken & Waffles always makes me do my happy wiggle

You know I love my Peeps <3

Yep. I wore this. To work. On Christmas Eve.

Uncle Tommy & Jaxon having fun on Family Picture Day :)

The Princess is growing up too fast! I can't stand it! 


  1. good to see you back!!!! you have such a beautiful family!!!!! I I just want to squeeze your baby nieces little thighs!!!!!
    and my how your amazing daughter has grown into a beautiful young woman!
    looking forward to hearing your 2015 plans
    : )

  2. Great pictures! You always seem to be having a great time....even at work! Lol You need to send me some of your happy vibes!