Friday, March 9, 2012

Workin' On My Wheels!

My legs have been one of the areas we've been focusing on during the off-season. 
Tightening and rounding my glutes and building some hammies 
are the two main goals of my workouts.

Tom put together a video of my first of two leg workouts for the week.
This was filmed on Monday at my home gym Desert Sports & Fitness. 
The man puts together a mean workout and video collage :)

We hope you enjoy it!


  1. So many lunges! haha I really hate lunges. Hate hate hate.

  2. Love, Love , Love these videos! Tom does an awesome job! I really like that sumo dead lift too. Going to incorporate that one. Thanks for sharing your workout! You are doing awesome and are such an inspiration!

  3. How perfect! I have been wanting more for legs. You are magical in your timing... and workouts, ouch! Thanks for this!!


  4. Thank you for the video. Well put together & you can lift girl! Way to go.

  5. love it love it love it!!!!
    very well put together,i love your VFF's, and love your form with the sumo dead lifts!
    YOU FREAKIN ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!