Sunday, April 15, 2012

Avoidance at the Gym

A couple of weeks ago, I told you guys that I wanted to blog about a post I had read over at Sweat Like A Pig. Well, it looks like today is the day!! :)

The post is entitled "How to Avoid Being Hit On in the Gym" and in the post, Tara talks about her experiences with being hit on while trying to work out and provides tips on how to avoid having guys hit on you while you're trying to throw some iron around ;)

I'm going to be completely honest here - I've never been hit on while I've been at the gym - never!! I mean, if you were a guy, would you want to hit a woman who looks like this when she works out?!?!?

I promise I'm not about to poop despite the face I'm making!!

Or this?!?!?

In reading the advice that Tara gives, I found it interesting that I did some of the things she recommended but not with the intent of not getting hit on. For example, she advises the reader to wear headphones because "Instead of starting a conversation with you, guys will just nod, smile and move on." I never ever go to the gym without my headphones!!! One reason is, I can't stand the music that they play at the gym so I need my!! And just like Tara stated in her post, I use them as a way to avoid conversation with males and/or females because the gym is work to me. I'm on a tight schedule and I want to handle my business quickly & efficiently. It's not that I don't like the people who go to my gym because I do! I just don't want conversations to interfere with the work that I need to get done. Oh...and just to prove that it's not just strangers that I don't talk to at the gym...I don't even talk to Tom when we work out together...we'll talk in the car and while we're walking into the gym but once we scan our gym ids, conversation stops. He will use hand signals or demonstrate the move he wants me to and once in awhile, he'll pull one of my earbuds out to explain something to me but that's very very rare!

Another piece of advice Tara gives in her post is, "Don't be afraid to grunt". She mentions the quote that talks about if you're attractive while you're working out, then you're working hard enough. When I hit the gym, I look like a dude - no joke! Half the time I don't comb my hair so I throw on a hat...I don't have a lick of makeup on...and I may or may not have a small pair of earrings on.

I'm not afraid to grunt or make noise when I'm lifting. I'm not afraid to sweat and make faces. I'm not at the gym to be cute. I'm at the gym to show the weight who's da boss!! I'm not afraid of people thinking "She's a sweaty, nasty, ugly mess!" as they see me moving from exercise to another. Don't believe me?? I think picture below is proof enough :)

Stinky, sweaty, and I didn't comb my hair!
This piece of advice reminds me of this picture I saw & saved from pinterest some time ago.

If I could give one piece of advice about being hit on at the gym, it would be to work out with your significant other. Men will be less likely to approach you if your boyfriend, husband, etc is with you. In all of the time that Tom and I have been in a relationship, I've never had a man try to hit on me while Tom was with me. I mean, if you were a guy, would you think you had a chance with me when I have this man on my arm?!?!? (unless you're Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or Shemar Moore or Phil Heath..then you definitely have a!)

Anyone else have advice about how to avoid getting hit on at the gym? What about keeping chatty folks from interrupting your workout?


  1. Tooooo funny that you mention Tom -- Max is pretty big too (190-200lb at around 9-10% bodyfat, 5'8) and I don't get hit on much at all! I think that might be the secret haha

  2. hahaha!! love it!!!!
    yup,i too have NEVER been hit on at the gym!
    maybe its because i dress completely covered-and i mean long pants and long sleeves and a ball cap or visor pulled low?
    maybe because im not afraid to grunt or look like an ugly sweaty mess?
    maybe because the dudes have seen me out leg press them?
    or even though its not very often my husband i work out,maybe the guys know who he is and yes,he is one big scary looking man! picture stone cold steve ausitn....or even the big show....(except he is only 300lbs,not 450)
    but yeah,im like you-im all business and no talk-i dont hang around and socialize,i get in,get my work done and leave-on occasion ill stop and chit chat for a minute or so....but 99% its all work!

  3. LMAO... you crack me up! I love your working out faces! Your one sexy mama and it surprises me that you have never been hit on at the gym. I avoid eye contact with people. I have noticed that if I smile or make eye contact they sometimes feel like that is their "in" to talk to me. Ha ha! I just don't look at people. Get in, get out... get on with my day :)

  4. love it..and ironically years and years ago (so i'm goin to show my age here) but 18? yrs ago I was working out in gym...was a hot sweaty mess and didnt want anyone talking to me much less hitting on me...lo and behold though a guy did (probably my soul mate...) and he approached...figured if he was into me lookin a hot mess then he was worth my time! LOL we worked out daily after that together and a relationship formed...sadly though he died in car accident... now I dont go to the gym, yet I make myself as avoidable as possible in other places and of these days I'll hit the gym and while I dont listen to music I may just get those earphones so nobody will talk to me! LOL ... love your work out faces!!! on side note..your giveaway winning is going out tomorrow via USPS :)

  5. I loved your list of "possibles". I thought you were going to keep going there for a second.....too funny. :)

  6. I go to our county gym (cheap with great equipment) while my kids are at school. The average age of the men there is about 75, so they never actually speak to me LOL.

  7. My husband worries all the time that I'm getting hit on at the gym! LOL! I'm still trying to explain to him that I don't get hit on. I'm not there for that, I'm not looking for it, and I'm oblivious to pretty much everybody else in the area when I'm training so it just doesn't happen. I'll have to share this post with him, maybe it'll help. And ps... you and your hubby are an adorable couple! <3