Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Release Tuesday

Do you guys remember the song "Show Me Love"? Even though I wasn't supposed to listen to secular music (I grew up in a Christian household), I would turn on my radio really really low and listen to a local radio station that played this song. I pictured myself on stage with Robyn, both of us dancing & singing our hearts out!

Onto the present, Robyn is back and I still love her! Thanks to Liz over at Just Another Rep for posting this video on her blog a couple of weeks ago. On a side note, I must proclaim my love for Liz's beautiful red hair and freckles publicly! From the moment, I saw the movie "Annie" I've wanted red hair & freckles. #truth #notajoke

Now to the music - enjoy "Hang With Me" by Robyn!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, T! I just read this and totally laughed out loud! Love you! You're the most bada** librarian I know!

  2. Sweet! That was a great song!! And I totally love Liz's red hair and freckles and Liz. :)