Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kelly O!!!

It's Kelly's birthday!!! If you don't know who Kelly is, have you been living under a rock!??!?! Kelly is one of the driving forces behind FitFluential and she writes a funny, motivating blog which you can find here.

In honor of Kelly and her birthday, I would like to present her with the following gifts.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to fulfill all of
her sinful, unclean thoughts. 
No prayers of forgiveness needed!

Joe Manganiello - he's a werewolf and while
he doesn't bark, he's definitely willing to
howl for you on your birthday!

Shemar Moore - he wants you to know that
he's more than just a pretty face and that
he would like you to crush him, just 
like you do your workouts ;)

Last but certainly not least, LL Cool J! He heard
that you've been working on your core and wants 
to play "I'll show you my core
if you show me your's" :)

Happy Birthday Kelly!!! Feliz Cumpleanos!!!!
I hope you have the most fantastic day possible!!!


  1. What a lucky girl. Those are amazing birthday gifts. Let it be known that I will take myself some Phil "THE GIFT" at my birthday.... And probably Rashad Evans... Love me some SUGA. ;)

    Alright, I'm totally off in prep-zombie-land at 7am day dreaming about some HOT chocolate. :)))

  2. EXCUUUUUUSE ME!!!! I don't appreciate you trying to take my husband Joe Manganiello and giving him to this chick. OK? The ONLY person he howls for is ME....and he DOES a good way. OWW!!

  3. hahah lacey! yeah,i too have suddenly zoned off into dreaming about some of that hot chocolate!!!!

    happy bday kelly!
    lucky lucky girl!
    if those 4 guys are a crowd,send the rock this way please!!!!!

  4. Perhaps we should become friends so you can give me such PHENOMENAL gifts on my birthday - June 26!! LMFAO!!!

  5. You know your men. I will take them all plz! Have you liked Vin Diesel's FB page? Always gorgeous pics of him and his awesome gratitude for live pasted all over his wall. ;)