Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How I Get It Done!!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that my hubby Tom does the majority of my training. This is just one of the reasons I call him The Boss #2! 

Tom relishes in torturing me during our workout sessions...I think it's payback for me making him pick up his dirty laundry and grill ridiculous amounts of chicken for me while I'm in prep...just kidding! :)

We wanted to put together a quick video of one of my 
arm workouts so you could get an idea of what I do when I'm in the gym.

This video was shot about 2 weeks ago at my home gym Desert Sports and Fitness!

If you have any questions for Tom or myself, please feel free to ask them!
You can leave them in the comments section or email them to me!



  1. LOVE IT!!!! and your SHOULDERS have really shown some major progress-either youve built them up to make a stronger V or your waist has gotten ridiculously small!! or both!
    also love how laughed between dips with weight plate,cause i know if your anything like me,you laugh to keep from crying or dog cussing the moon!

    keep up the great work-your looking GREAT!

  2. You look so freaking incredible! Wow. I wish I were cool like you. Oh how I wish.

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  4. I love my badass girlfriend with guns n boobs!

  5. Another FAB-U-LOUS video! Mother, wife, librarian and a beast in the gym! Love it!

  6. You are amazing, and I LOVED your video! I do have a question about how many reps and how you work up your weights. I'm trying to get into building my upper body strength so any advice would be fantastic. You inspire me!

  7. great arm day, you show some great intensity and hard work! Me and my hubby are starting to train together, hopefully we can get the connection yall do! Happy Training

  8. I LOVED this video. definitely have some great tips for my arm workout on friday!

  9. Love it. You look amazing. Such inspiration.

  10. I love the videos T! You're so fabulous.

    I also want to swap arms, are you up for it? :D