Thursday, April 25, 2013

Out of Whack Tastebuds

Y'all, something is going on with my tastebuds! I know it's probably because of prep but things that I would have enjoyed eating in the past taste like poo now!

Tilapia. Can't do it. Can't cook it. Can't eat it. Can't even look at it in the grocery store. While it was never one of my favorite lean protein sources, I could tolerate it but that is no longer the case!!

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Blue Diamond Wasabi & Soy Sauce almonds used to rock my world. Tom would buy a large bag of them and I would inhale the entire bag before the end of the day. Picture me sitting on the couch licking the wasabi & soy sauce dust off my fingers while exclaiming "this is bomb ass diiiiggggggiiiiitttttyyyyy!!!". It's not a pretty sight, I know, but it happened many times! I tried to eat some of these almonds last weekend and guess what? I was not a fan of the taste! Say what!??! Yep, I ate 3 of them and decided I was not feelin' it. What the frack, tastebuds???

Since my tastebuds have been doing their own thing lately, I've had to get creative with my meals. I know that one of the big reasons I "cheat" on my diet is because of boredom. When I become bored with the selection, flavors, seasonings, etc that's when I start adding extra green olives to my salads or nibble on tortillas! :)

The Boss recommended that I take Metamucil to help me stay regular and after my first time drinking it, I knew I was going to have to find another way to consume my daily serving that did not consist of adding the powder to water. With this in mind, my "Power Slushie" was born!!!

I know it doesn't look like much in the above picture but it makes me do my happy wiggle. This slushie helps me satisfy my sweet tooth, keeps me regular, helps support my muscle recovery, and also helps me maintain my muscle mass. Now you see why I call it my "power slushie"?!?!

I place 1 scoop of GAT's Muscle Martini, 1 scoop of Dymatize's glutamine (micronized), 1 tablespoon of sugar free fiber therapy (or Metamucil if you buy the "full price", ice, and 1/2 cup of water into my Vitamix. I then blend while eyeballing the consistency which is usually 30-45 seconds and that's it!

So, this is one of the prep-approved drink options that is making my world that much more bearable. But talk to me about it in a month and we'll see if I still feel the same way ;)

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  1. i totally hear ya about the taste buds !!!
    right now,the only thing that is making my meals tolerable is famous daves sweet and sassy bbq sauce....
    goes great with egg whites and sweet potatoes!!!