Sunday, April 14, 2013

When It Hits Single Digits...

It seems like yesterday I looked at the show countdown and it read 18 weeks. The countdown was in double digits and that made me feel like I had enough, maybe even more than enough, time to get ready.

That is no longer the case!!

A shift has taken place --> the countdown is in single digits!! We are now sitting at 9...count them...9 weeks out from Junior Nationals!!

Starting the weekend off at Urgent Care --> dislike!

This past week was full of anxiety, stress, minuscule amounts of sleep, and lots of questioning. We had to take The Princess to Urgent Care last Saturday as a result of a fall she had the day before at school. While my daughter has limited mobility, I knew something was off when the things she could normally do independently were making her cry and scream out in pain. Tom and I both had to miss work this week to be home with her but I'm happy to report that our kiddo is slowly getting back to normal.

In additional to taking time off from work, I had to take time off from the gym. It was not a priority at the beginning of the week for me to get to the gym to lift. I expressed my concerns about missing workouts to The Boss and she reassured me that I have more than enough muscle so missing a few workouts wouldn't set me back :) While I did miss a few lifting sessions, I was still able to knock out my cardio sessions during the early morning hours --> perks of having a treadmill in our garage!

Happy Happy Happy!!!

When I was able to return to the gym on Wednesday, I received some incredibly fantastic news! I learned that my home gym Desert Sports & Fitness was going to be sponsoring me! EEEEEKKKK!!!!! I have been a member of this gym for over 7 years and y'all have heard me call it my "home office", "home away from home", and "happy place".

You can see Desert Sports & Fitness and I spend a lot of quality time together :)

I feel incredibly honored that Frank (the gym's owner), Matt (Vice President), Joella (Trainer Extraordinaire!), and the other folks at my gym believe in me and support me in this journey to my first national show. It's been a few days since I heard the news but I am still in shock, so humbled, so honored, and so thankful! Team DSF por vida :)

Nine weeks out and this is where I'm sittin'! I feel good about the progress that I've made so far but there is still more work to be done. It's my first time hitting the national stage - I need to make sure they remember my name!!


  1. You look incredible!!

    Soon it will be days! You're going to do amazing!

  2. For some reason your pics wouldn't pull up, but I had seen some of them through Fb. Momma I am so jealous of your arms. AND you are 9 weeks out!!! Wow you have CRAZY time and will be sitting rather nice for your big day. Dont sweat the missed workouts. Many times our bodies actually do better with the break, but you are too close to see it or want it. I CAN NOT wait to watch you guys on the bg stage. You are gonna rock!
    I hope all is better with lil Princess. I know that is so tough on a momma when her babier are hurt or sick. Sending well wishes her way.
    Take care,

  3. I hope the princess is doing much better! and like crystal said,dont stress about missing gym time. your body may have needed the break while you were in 200% full throttle mommy mode!
    and yes,you are looking awesome and 9 weeks is MORE than enough time to get to where you and the boss think you should by the BIG SHOW day!!!!!

    so excited for you!
    the countdown begins!!!