Sunday, April 7, 2013

"That's When You Press On...Lee Nails"

I just love that line from "The Fighter" by Gym Class Heroes, don't you?? I'm telling myself that when I feel like I want to just take a moment to whine about something, I have to press on! That applies to prep, my marriage, work, Mom Duty, you name it!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I'm obsessed with shoulders. I want them. I need them. I have to have them.

The Boss was really great in creating a couple of shoulder workouts for me to help me build & round out my baby boulders. One workout was designated as the "heavy" day and the second was designated as a "burn out" workout. I did the first heavy workout and at the end of it thought "Hmm...that was EASY..I don't think I did it right" me when I say that about 2 hours after finishing the workout I was not saying the same thing! I believe the text I sent to The Boss said something along the lines of "If you hate me, just say it. You don't have to try & kill me". Her response was "LOL!"...yep...she is a mean, evil woman :)

One day last week, I had to modify my shoulder workout because of the equipment that was available and the amount of time I had to get my workout done. I am a creature of habit so I had to get over my initial irritation that people were using MY stuff ;) The workout turned out to be a really really kickass one and I'm definitely going to do it again. If you're interested in what it consisted of, here's the 411:

Lateral Raises
20/20 x 8 (2), 25/25 x 8 (2), 30/30 x 6 (2)

Incline Press (using dumbbells)
25/25 x 10 (2), 30/30 x 8 (2), 35/35 x 5 (2)

Superset consisting of:
Shoulder Press
45 x 10 (4)
Bent-over Lateral Raises
15/15 x 15 (2), 20/20 x 12 (2)

Superset consisting of:
Behind the neck Press (using barbell)
45 x 8 (4)
Upright row (using barbell)
45 x 8 (4)

10 weeks until Chicago. You guys, it's startin' to get real! 


  1. You do have incredible shoulders!

    10 weeks?! So soon.

    I'm hoping to go to Chicago this year.

    I hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. yeah,im going to have to,um borrow this workout!!!!
    i too have been trying to get my shoulders up and rounedd and capped like boulders in Colorado!

    10 weeks will fly by,chica!!!!
    press on,press on!
    you got this!

  3. I'm just like you when it comes to shoulders (but on a less-heavy level)--I love when mine really start to build! In my opinion, it just makes us look stronger when we have well-defined shoulders :) Get it girl!