Thursday, May 23, 2013

As Good As It Seems..?

First, I would like to say thank you for your awesome comments on my Light 'Em Up post. For some reason, Blogger is being a total jerk and won't let me comment to each person individually...ugh! But I want to thank those of you who commented (Melissa, Crystal, Sable, Liz, and Donloree) to know that you ladies rock & I appreciate you (I mean it!).

The Boss #2 and I at the 2012 AZ Open
For those of you who have been following my blog for some time or know me in "real life", you know that my husband Tom aka The Boss #2 is my trainer. Genie aka The Boss aka the Yellow in "Black & Yellow's Excellent Adventure" is the nutrition/food component of this team but it's Tom who puts together the majority of my workouts, bosses me around assists me in the gym, and so on.

When most people find out that my husband is my trainer, their first response is usually "That must be awesome. I would love for my __ to be my trainer". I will then smile, nod, and give some generic response about how it's nice that my significant other is knowledgeable about training and helps me as I work towards my competition goals, stay healthy, and get stronger.

Another trophy for his our collection ;)
Most of the times I mean this when I say it and other times I want to look them in their face and say "Trust me, this set-up is crazy" or as Genie & I often say "#thatshitcray".

Urban Chick Foto
Before you start getting huffy, giving me the stank eye, or commenting on how ungrateful I am - let me explain. Now, you're probably looking at the picture above and thinking to yourself that it's so sweet of Tom to be helping me with my shoe but that's not the true story. True story is he was telling me how crusty my feet looked and asking what was going on with one of my toes!!

I'm kidding! He was actually helping me change shoes in between shots so I wouldn't fall over because he knows how much of a klutz I am :)

Back to what I was saying about having my husband as my trainer....

At times it is incredibly wonderful to have my partner-in-crime as the person "in charge" of designing workouts and keeping an eye on me in the gym. Tom knows me (or at least he better after almost 13 years!) and he can tell when I'm not "living up to my potential".

He knows when I say that I can't do another rep, whether I'm saying that because I'm lazy or because I really have reached my stopping point. The man knows, by looking at me, what adjustments need to be made. He knows whether I've been getting enough sleep, drinking my water, eating my meals, or if I'm starting to get sick. In short, the man seems to know everything.

Puttin' it down in our hometown - 2011 NPC Terminator
Sometimes, this is wonderful and other times it sucketh much. There are times when I just want to forget about finishing my daily allotment of water and just guzzle a beer. Or I have no desire to get up early to do my cardio and I just want to use that time to get more sleep. You know what happens during these times?? Tom is there to tell me "Nope. Do what you need to do." He's there to tell me to stop being emotional, stop whining, and yes, even to tell that I'm not making progress but I'm not doing 100% the work.

This can be hard because I know he is telling me these things as my "Trainer" and not my "Husband". I know when he looks at my weekly progress pictures and points out the weak areas, he's not doing it to be hurtful but to be helpful. My mind knows it but sometimes, my heart & feelings don't. He also knows that when he tells me to do something and I ask why,  it might not be about me trying to be difficult or question his ability to train me (I'm a librarian! We're information!).

We have been doing this thang for almost three years and have come to the agreement that we HAVE to talk or even scream it out, if necessary. When he is providing feedback, I will ask him if I'm getting the feedback from Tom the Trainer or Tom the Husband because honestly, that can affect how I will receive it. It's a work in progress but we are learning what works for us and what doesn't. In the end, our relationship as husband & wife is more important than our relationship as trainer & trainee.

With that said, I better go do my cardio before Tom the Trainer scolds me ;)

Question --> Are any of you trained by your significant other? 
Any insight you would like to share? Nuggets of advice to give?


  1. I love this post! I think you two are adorable too! I met my husband in the gym and believe me I know it's hard! I happen to be the one going to get my CPT cert and it's hard for him to listen to me, but I think that the trust factor is what makes it a positive experience. You know hubby has no better interest than to take care of you and not out for money etc. So cheers to you guys!

  2. My husband will not let me design a program for him. He knows there will be lunges and he HATES lunges. :)

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  4. Holy crap! I'm allowed to comment again!! Blogger wasn't letting me comment on any of your posts in any browser or computer for teh longest! YaY!

    So to catch up, I am loving following along on this journey. You are looking amazing, and I cannot wait to see the final results.

    I can totally see where you're coming from. I love that he is there for you, though it would mess with my head when it came time for him to critique. I'm super thin-skinned. I with my hubby would just go to the gym with me at all. =\

    xoxo LPM

  5. I love this! You two are amazing. I don't think I could do it, I'd probably want to kill my husband every time he told me what to do or what to eat or questioned me in any way, lol! That is just how I am, but I give you props lady! YOU are amazing and I cannot wait to see how you do in JUNE! EEP, its coming up!

  6. Love that you shared this part of your journey. Sounds like you have a special bond for sure. Not too many could do what ya'll do but you've made it work and it shows!

  7. Its Pleasure to read your blog. you both are looking awesome, I really enjoyed reading your blog and points that you expressed. I want to see more of your blogs.

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  8. Great post, T. It definitely takes a special relationship and two mature people to make what you guys have work. I can not work out with my husband. We have tried it and I get my feelings hurt waaaaay to quickly and then I'm mad and then he's mad and then no one gets a work out done!