Thursday, May 2, 2013

That Was Then...

Tamietti Photography

The picture above is from my wedding day on October 16, 2004. I'm not going to lie - I was totally feelin' myself that day! I had busted my butt (or so I thought) in the gym to ensure that I would fit into my gorgeous wedding gown. I had a goal weight that I wanted to reach - 136 lbs - and I cardioed my little heart out to hit that "magic number". Now, at the time I did lift weights but was still fairly new at it. I didn't lift heavy per se but I did lift. As the date of my wedding got closer, I decided to stop lifting because I was afraid I was getting too "bulky" and I would not fit into my dress.

Oh 2004 Tenecia....what a silly stupid girl you were...

This picture is from last weekend. Now, I am definitely not 136 lbs (think but I'm actually happy about it! I love my muscularity and work frickin' hard in the gym to achieve it! If that's what Tenecia circa 2004 would call "bulky", then I'll take it. I still cardio my heart out now & again but my lifting has completely changed. My relationship with the gym & my mentality has completely shifted. I feel strong. I feel powerful. Sometimes I even feel like a beast...and ain't nuthin' wrong with that!

There you have it....that was then....this is now....I totally think 2013 Tenecia could totally kick 2004 Tenecia's ass :)


  1. You look great in both photos, but I totally get you on the muscularity. I love feeling strong and powerful.

  2. Haha you completely can but I think you look amazing in both! Hot woman!