Monday, May 6, 2013

Gym Swag...

I don't have any. Gym swag, that is. What is "swag" anyway? I guess I could look it up in the Urban Dictionary (because really, the Merriam-Webster dictionary just isn't as but I think I'll skip it for now....anywhooooo.....

I have been asked about where I shop for my workout clothes, what brands I like, and the such. Here's the bottom line, I kinda (or not really "kinda") hate to spend a lot of money on workout clothes! I would rather spend $90 on a pair of Steve Madden shoes than a pair of workout leggings I know I'm going to sweat like a pig in. Is that sad? I also know that it's possible to buy cute, great fitting workout clothes without spending all of my allowance - you just have to keep your eyes open and consider stores you haven't in the past!

I didn't always consider Old Navy a store that I would buy my workout clothes from. I love their dresses and shirts but their workout clothes....ehhh....I was a bit leery. But...and a big BUT here...they have really stepped up their game over the last year or two. The quality of their workout clothes is so much better than it has been in the past and the selection is great. Their options are reasonably priced but I love when I find their workout clothes in the clearance section. I found the above Women's Active compression capris on the clearance rack for $9!!! P.S. In case you're wondering, my top in the above pic is from JC Penny and I got it for $7...holla!

A brand that I recently discovered in the past year and really like is X2X Training Gear. While the women's selection isn't as large as the men's, it is slowly growing. I purchased their Ladies Burnout Tank (in black & purple) while I was at last year's Olympia Expo and I love it. The cut is flattering and the fit is amazing. I highly recommend following them on Facebook and/or Twitter - they use both to share info about sales, giveaways, etc.

Lucy Activewear is another brand that makes my heart...and wallet happy! I stumbled upon their clothing about 5 years ago when I was in Richmond, VA visiting family. We were at an outdoor outlet mall and I walked into their store just to browse for things I might be able to wear to bikram yoga. That day, I left with a bag full of clothes and have been shopping with them ever since! I don't normally wear shorter, tight fitting workout shorts but there's something about Lucy's Perfect Booty shorts (in both pictures above) that make me feel like my bottom half is bangin'. Now Lucy's prices are a bit high but they have phenomenal sales so consider them the next time you need need gear.

Other stores that I have success finding clothing at include Walmart (I love Danskin Now!!), Forever 21 (make sure to try their clothes on before you buy - it can run small), and Ross (be prepared to really look through each rack. This store requires time & patience).

There you have it...some of the brands and stores I like. Remember, you can find awesome clothes at reasonable prices - you just have to look!

Now, if I could just find a brand that would help me not look like a hot mess while at the gym.... ;)


  1. HEHEHE! YES!!! What is it about new workout clothes that makes me work harder?!

  2. I don't like spending $$$ on workout clothes. It just seems like a waste since I'm only going to swear in it.

    I agree that ON has stepped up their game in the last couple years.

  3. I am with you on the $$ for the workout clothes. Seriously annoying. hah! I am a deal finder for sure unless I get a gift certificate to a certain place. I have three or four outfits that I rotate and that's good enough for me. :) MEH!

    My brother has designed some of the clothes for Lucy, so I have a soft spot for them too even though they aren't in Canada. :)

  4. I didn't know you have family in Richmond! Next time you're this way, give me a holler! Also, I'm right there with you--hate spending lots of money on workout gear (and I have those same Old Navy capris)!

  5. I love Lucy over the other high priced store with their see-thru pants (we wont mention names). But if you are an instructor or trainer you do get a discount. And JCP's line is great. They even carry Nike and when it's on clearance - it's ON CLEARANCE.