Monday, June 10, 2013


YOU GUYS!!!! It's been more than week since my last post! That's completely unacceptable - don't let me get away with that crap! :)

The Birthday Boy & I
The last week has been busy busy busy! It was Tom's birthday and I had all of these things planned for him, gifts I wanted to surprise him with, etc. It's a little hard to be sneaky when he is on his 6 days off but I pulled it off. I even ventured into Harbor Freight for him! I was so proud of myself for going into the store, finding an aluminum jack I knew he wanted, and carrying it out to the car all by myself. I did all of that...only to find out that he bought the damn jack for himself months ago! Oh well. It's the thought that counts, right? :)

The Princess has started physical therapy at local rehabilitation center and has been about to use a device we recently learned about called the Bioness L300. It helps with mobility and flexibility by stimulating the nerves and muscles in the leg that you are wearing it on. I gotta tell you - it is the coolest thing ever. The first time The Princess put it on and walked with it, I could tell an immediate difference in her foot positioning and her foot strike. It is incredible to see the look of pride on her face each time we go to therapy and she does things she hasn't been able to do before! We're in the process of ordering one for her so I forsee lots of improvements and progress videos!

Before I jet off (because I have like, a million, things to do), I wanted to share with you this video Under Armour put together. These are just some of the inspiring women who are participating in the What's Beautiful challenge (that you still have time to sign up for!!) and I find such motivation from them. It really is an amazing community. Watch and enjoy the might even see a face you recognize ;)


  1. YaY for birthday sneaks and finding such a cool device for The Princess. That's so great that it helps so much!
    YaY for that video too!


  2. that device for the princess sounds amazing!!!!!!im sure it must be exciting for her! and for you and tom as parents! oh,and a belated happy bday to tom!
    HAPPY PEAK WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. AMAZING!!!! I can't even imagine the look on her face when she took her first steps with it!! What an incredible feat for your family!!

    Happy Peak Week T!!!! Kill it!!!