Wednesday, June 19, 2013

In the End....

Hi everyone!

I'm back from Chicago and slowly getting back to my "real life"! It's hard shifting gears after goofing off & having no responsibilities for several days but that's what happens when you're a grownup :)

Chicago was AMAZING! What a great city. I honestly can't wait to go back! But you don't care about the city right now, you want show results :)

In the end, I placed 16th out of 22 (or 25...I can't remember the exact number) girls. I am honestly happy with this placing. I had never stepped on a national stage before or competed in such a large show.

I held my own. I didn't get lost in the crowd. I didn't come in last. #winning

I have so much to share with you guys about the show...about meeting Genie for the first time (I cried. I'm serious. There's video proof that I will share!)...about my competition plans....but I have to get back to work.

Head over to Genie's Journey to read Genie's the first part of her show recap! Before you do, enjoy some pictures :)

Black & Yellow's Excellent Adventure!
Gotta get the girls in place ;)

There's my Genie Beanie!

Before stepping on stage for prejudging. Ignore the weird look on my face!
Backstage at finals!


  1. You look beautiful!!
    Congrats!!! So much hard work and it shows!

  2. You look amazing T! SO PROUD!

  3. You are gorgeous inside and out xx

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! You are absolutely stunning! You are the definition of hard work!

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