Friday, November 12, 2010

F%*k You Friday

F%*k You Friday has returned!!! Hold your applause!! I know…I know…it’s been a few weeks but I’M BACK!!! And I’m ready to start callin’ out folks!!!

So, let’s start with a certain group of individuals who, despite knowing that I should have been in the top 5, insisted on robbing me!!!!!!!! F%*K YOU!!!! If I didn’t have home training, I would have walked on stage and snatched one of those trophies. But I am a lady and my mother taught me better, so I gave you my fake smile and went to eat my feelings at Chili’s! Mofos!

Moving on….f%*k you to my co-worker who scratches the wall every single frickin’ time she walks down the hall. I’m not kidding! She intentionally runs her nails along the wall as she’s walking EVERY single time she walks to the copier, fax machine, printer…you catch my drift. To her I would like to say, if you don’t stop putting your nails on the wall I will be forced to put my size 10 in your ass. Thanks and have a nice day.

Lastly, I would like to say f%*k you to Walgreen’s. If you didn't already know, these stores are the Spawn of Satan. It’s obvious that they knew that I am trying to eat clean and they deliberately sabotaged me by putting their Halloween candy on sale for 75% off. Hello, I’m a woman who lives on a budget so you throw up a sign that says “SALE! 75% OFF!” and you know my black ass is going to buy 15 bags of flippin’ candy without thinking twice!

P.S. My mom taught me to never waste food so that’s why I’m puffy and rummaging through bags of candy like a scavenger. Thanks a lot, Walgreen’s.


  1. wow,pent up agression? LOL!!!!
    you crack me up!
    hope you have a great weekend and dont eat all 15 bags of candy!

  2. I promise I'm not the definition of a mad Black woman!! LOL!!