Monday, November 29, 2010

Gettin' Back At It...Again!!

I hope that y’all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Mine was wonderful with a touch of sadness. It’s definitely hard to lose a loved one right before the holidays but we were able to spend some time with those closest to us and enjoy some yummy food!

There was no guilt accompanied with my food consumption! I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel and I feel no shame in saying that! I am back to “healthier” eating habits today but I can’t make any promises in the coming…I’ve been reading way too many baking blogs!!!

I’m not sure how many of you are members of (if you’re not, fix it! You need to be! Best site ever!!) but Meriza DeGuzman (hello, hotness!) posted a circuit for tonin’ up & gettin’ lean. Since my dream team (love them!) has decided that I don’t need to add any more size during the off-season, my goal is to maintain my level of muscularity while staying as lean as I am able. How can I accomplish this…..drumroll please….Meriza’s Circuit Training Plan! I did the portion of the circuit that concentrates on glutes and hammies today and no joke, I walked out of the gym with jello legs! I'm definitely going to be sore tomorrow!! Here’s what it looked like:

Superset #1

Leg Press
set 1: 140 lbs x 250 lb
set 2: 180 lbs x 20
set 3: 230 lbs x 15
set 4: 270 lbs x 10

Lying hamstring curls
set 1-4: 50 lbs x 15

Superset #2

Leg press
set 1-4: 270 lbs x 10

Stiff-legged deadlifts
set 1: 65 lbs x 15
set 2: 75 lbs x 15
set 3: 85 lbs x 15
set 4: 95 lbs x 15

Superset #3

Leg press
set 1-4: 270 lbs x 10

Walking lunges w/dumbbells
set 1-4: 25lbs x 12 steps each leg

Goblet squat w/kettlebell
set 1-3: 26.4 x 12
*I added this last exercise since I had a little time left in my workout

Eating has been on point today – I’m following a plan but it’s not as restrictive as a prep plan. Woo hoo!! :)

My weight is up a little higher than I would like but I’m not going to stress over it. I’ve also made the decision to put away the scale and not weigh myself unless it’s for check-in. I’m going to focus on how my clothes fit versus the numbers I see on the scale (even if I would like to weigh the same & look just like Courtney West or Erin Stern! LOL!). My date jeans still fit so I think I’m doing ok… :)

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