Friday, November 5, 2010

Where Did The Week Go?!?!?

I've been a terrible blogger this week!!! I apologize!!! I wanted to take time out each day to share what was going on but there never seemed like there was any time to do so!!! I made it a point to carry my to-do list with me because I didn't want to forget to do! I rewarded myself on Wednesday after I finished my last cardio session with a pedicure - my feet never felt so happy. It was really nice to just sit, catch my breath, and do absolutely nothing.

I had my pictures taken by a local photographer yesterday. I was pretty nervous because I've always felt awkward in my own skin so the idea of posing and what not scared the hell outta me! Luckily, Tom went with me and kept me from taking myself too seriously. I'll talk more about the photo shoot and provide some contact info for the photographer another day. He emailed me one of the shots from yesterday - it's Tom and I - not too shabby!

I'm almost packed up....there are a couple of stores I need to go to so I can pick up a few last minute things...then we'll be on the road!!
Wish me luck! I'll post if I can!!


  1. LOVE the pic!!! I know how you feel about being awkward at the shoot, but it's a great experiance!

    GOOD LUCK this weekend hun!! rock the stage!!!

  2. good luck this weekend! cant waitto read a recap!!!!!!!

  3. You look awesome, good luck!!