Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stick A Fork In It!

Yep....stick a fork in's a wrap...over...done with....el fin! My week of excess, that is! As of today, I'm back on the "good girl" wagon! :)

Last week was A LOT of fun!! I ate like there was no in point, I went to an awesome restaurant that just opened in's called May's Counter....they serve chicken & waffles....the food was so tasty that I not only took a picture of it to send to my friends but I also did my "This is so yummy!" wiggle as I was eating....shall I go on???
So, no more of that gluttonous marks the start of healthy eating and gym dates. I wasn't really feeling the gym today but I knew I wanted to do some type of cardio/workout....enter the one workout that I have loved & hated for the past 10 years....Tae Bo!!!

I couldn't find my vhs tapes...don't even say a word....I saved those bad boys because the workouts were that last week I picked up the "This is Tae Bo" dvd at Wal-Mart. This particular dvd is different that the original Tae Bo workouts that I was used to doing but it kicked my butt nonetheless! Don't believe me??? Take a look at me when I finished....

Loved it!! I think I'm going to try and do this workout at least 2 times a week. Which bring me to the whole what am I going to do with my off-season question. I have no idea!!! I think I might be too muscular for figure and since the NPC is now introducing the Women's Physique Division, I'm wondering if this is where I should focus my attention. On the other hand, I really love figure and I feel like I could be successful at it but I know I would have to make some serious physical changes in order to do so. It's a lot to think about but I have time....I think... :)
I'm off to scour the internet for healthy but tasty recipes....if you have any recommendations or favorite blogs/websites that you go to, please share!!!


  1. I was just looking at your show photos (and you looked AMAZING by the way) and I have a feeling that the judges thought you had too much muscle (which I think is daft, but im not a judge lol).

    Anyway .. glad you enjoyed your week "off"

  2. Love the workout! and all the food! YUM!!!!

    Cant wait to hear your plans!

  3. Hey, not sure if you saw this but your cute butt is on Siouxcountry website!! =)