Monday, February 7, 2011

10 Weeks and Counting....

Yesterday was the 10 week mark! I'm getting more & more nervous as the countdown to the show continues...I'm a little queasy! This will be my first out-of-state show and my understanding is the California shows produce some really great competition.

Anyway, my check-in on Saturday went well. I was pleased to step on the scale and see a drop in weight. Since I'm one of those people that lets the number on the scale dictate my mood (I really try not to let it but it does!! I can't lie!), I haven't been weighing myself during the week. I'm hoping to lose about 2 pounds a week...I have a particular "show weight" in mind...but I haven't really been told to shoot for a set weight...I think it would be nice to arrive at the April show 10 lbs lighter than I did at the show last November...we shall see! I'm not posting pictures from Saturday because I really don't like them...I looked like a hot mess...but I will post the next ones.

For those of you who visit siouxcountry, did you see me on the banner?!?!? If you're on Facebook, be sure to become a fan of the site if you haven't already. Anyway, I always look forward to the status update on Sunday that let's you know the new banner photos are up. Jason Lannigan always does such an awesome job creating banners! Yesterday I saw the status update that the new photos were up so I went over to the website and there I was!! I squealed...ok...more like surprise! I feel incredibly honored that Jason chose to feature me on this week's banner which highlights different members' photo shoots!

I also received some Facebook love from Jason Adams on the Promoting Women in MMA, Fitness and Bodybuilding fan page. He called my photos "beautiful" and provided a link to the AZ Photo Shoot with Tenecia post on siouxcountry for his fans to visit. I'm definitely honored and grateful for the kind words from everyone!

I leave you with a pic of me after today's plyo workout....yep...I'm a sweaty mess...thanks a lot, burpees & jumping lunges ;)


  1. You are loooking lean baby doll! You will be at your best in 10 weeks!

  2. gotta love plyo day!!!!!

    keep at it! 10 wks will fly by faster than what youknow...
    no doubts you will be bringing your best physique yet to the stage!

  3. A sweaty, beautiful mess! :) Go girl!!!

  4. that's awesome! I see some great shoulders in that pic :)

  5. Look at your traps & delts poppin' out all over! Lookin' good, lady! :)

  6. Your shoulders look fantastic! I did see your picture up there again and of course it looks so good! You rock! 10 weeks, you got this.

  7. I need to know your shoulder routines. Damn woman, you're gonna kill it!