Thursday, February 17, 2011

That's What's Up Thursday

Dear Booty Gods,
Please make my nalgas look like her's.
I promise to do my cardio & eat my protein.

I mean, really?!?!? Do I need to say anything else?!?!

Alicia Marie - now that's what's up!!


  1. I am just going to tag onto your prayer with my own little Amen. :)

  2. Nice and round. Hope mine stays round as I finish taking off body fat. :)

  3. Oh, she is so beautiful! I got to meet her at The Arnold Classic last week, she is amazing! She talked to Jessi and I about using the stairmaster to get that lift like hers. You see in the picture above, where there is a line defining her butt curve right above her thigh? THAT is the part she's talking about.
    I think I'll be hitting the stairmaster a lil each day!

    That IS what's up! Love her!!