Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Put My Foot In Cardio's Butt!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!!

I typically schedule my workouts and cardio sessions so that I have Saturday as a rest day. Well...I slept through the alarm on Monday morning so I decided that I would make up for that missed cardio session this morning. I told myself that I would still sleep in (cuz Lord knows I was not feelin' cardio at the butt crack of dawn on the weekend!!) but would need to do my cardio after I made The Princess her breakfast. I also told myself that if I did my cardio session and really killed it, I would treat myself to a gift from MAC.

With MAC on the brain, I threw on my cardio clothes and hit the treadmill. I decided that instead of doing a set pace at a set incline, I would keep my pace at 4.0 but change my incline after 2 songs. I thought I would share with you the great songs my ipod picked for me today (I absolutely LOVE when that happens) with a note of the incline I was at.

Ass On The Floor - Diddy Dirty Money feat. Swizz Beatz         *2
Remember the Name - Fort Minor                                           
We Takin' Over - DJ Khaled                                                    *4
Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani                                                          
Hello, Good Morning - Diddy Dirty Money                              *2
Ring-A-Ling - Black Eyed Peas       
Magic - B.o.B. feat Rivers Cuomo                                            *6
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park
Heartbreaker RMX - Mariah Carey                                         *2
Turnin' Me On - Keri Hilson
Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys                         *8
Damaged - Danity Kane
Swing Ya Rag - T.I. feat Swizz Beatz                                       *2
Money Honey - Lady Gaga 
Fire Burning - Sean Kingston                                                   *10

I chose to change my incline using a certain number of songs because I've learned that if I use the time on the treadmill, I get fixated on how much I've done, how much time I have left, how I tired I think I am, etc. So, I cover the time with a towel and just focus on my music!!

One last thing...I show a preview for a movie called "Beastly" with Vanessa I strange because I really want to see it??  :)                                  


  1. I love your playlist, remember the name is one of my favorites! Good job kicking ass today!!