Friday, August 26, 2011

Forgive Me...

Before I get into the reason that I need forgiveness, let's chat about a few things first!

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jason Adams from the Promoting Real Women blog. I've always  thought the blog is a great way to learn about the different ladies that compete and Jason puts a lot of hard work into the blog. My interview isn't ridiculously exciting or enlightening but if you're interested in reading it, you can find it here!

My sister Reecie has always been in LOVE with Buffalo Exchange while I've never really been a fan. That has changed since I've started visiting the Buffalo Exchange location that is a few blocks from my work. In the last two months, I have purchased clothing and shoes for less than $50!! Remember the cute white wedges I showed you a couple of weeks them from there! Yesterday, I had some time off desk so I decided to take a walk and I ended up at the store. Upon walking in, I saw it. The one thing I KNEW had to leave with me. Feast your eyes upon the newest addition to my collection:

It NEEDED to come home with me ;)

I have NO frickin' idea why I bought such a large purse....I don't have anything to put into it...but that's not the needed a home and I gave it one....the end :)

When I was younger, my mom would sometimes treat us to a drink from Orange Julius when we went to one of the malls here in Tucson. My order was always an "orange julius" and I would swear that I was sipping a little piece of heaven when I was enjoying my drink. I've tried so many times to recreate the drink but I have failed miserably each time. You just can't recreate perfection. Anyway, I have discovered my Plan B when I can't drive to the mall to get an Orange Julius.....

This gum is so tasty that I've already finished the pack in the picture above....and I just bought it two days ago!! I'm addicted!!!

I had Wednesday off so I met one of my best friends for lunch and catching up. She & I haven't seen each other since I left my old job but we do talk or text every day. It was so nice to see her and just be able to talk to her face-to-face! After lunch, I treated myself to a manicure because my manly hands were in desperate need of some TLC!!

I normally pick really dark colors but decided to do something different. I figured a little red & glitter never hurt anyone ;)

So....onto the reason I need forgiveness....

Folks, I have been half-assin' it. Excuse my language but it's true. I haven't been giving 100% to my prep and truth be told, I can't really say that I'm bothered by that.

What I look like after a lunch date with the StairMill
I have been doing cardio....I've even had lunch dates with the StairMill....not consistently...but it's been happening. One thing I have been doing consistently is lifting. My back workouts have been awesome and the other day, I killed my shoulder workout. I'm still sore today from that workout! I'm not supposed to be lifting heavy but my mind says, "You're already breaking the other prep rules so just do it!". Not good! My diet has been fairly clean but let's just say that I'm not turning down the chocolate covered almonds & crepes my co-workers have offered me. There are days when I do what needs to be done and there are other days where I haven't done one damn thing someone in prep should be doing.

I talked about the fact that I have had Jessie J's cd on repeat for that past couple of weeks and there is one song that made me cry the first time I heard it. While listening to it, I realized that I'm a little tired of picking myself apart and magnifying what I feel are my physical shortcomings. I need to focus on doing what I am physically capable of and just being myself. I need to be in the moment and enjoy the changes that I have made and enjoy being me. Here's the song that I've sort of adopted as my personal theme song:

There is a Japanese proverb that states, "Fall seven times, stand up eight". I'm not sure what number this fall is but I can guarantee you that I'm definitely getting back up!


  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS Jessie J! And I LURRRVE Buffalo Exchange.

    And your honesty about not being 100% on with prep means you're holding yourself accountable. It happens to everyone. You'll straighten it all out, and be effing fierce, like you always are! :)

  2. I honestly think we ALL go through this phase in prep where you are just TIRED of trying so hard and working so hard and you just want to be YOU. I too have struggled with this. I STILL struggle with this. Getting back up is what's important after all. You are incredible!

  3. Well, I love your nails. I want to go to buffalo exchange now and I know everyone struggles with giving their time and efforts to their diet and workouts when so much else is going on in life. It's a challenge to find a balance for all of IT while making sure you are emotionally sane. After this competition, there will be plenty of time to miss a few workouts, miss a cardio session and you wont have to feel too badly about it. Go git it T! You are amazing.

  4. I love the nails!! LOVE. They look awesome. I want a Buffalo Exchange in Edmonton. That purse would have come home with me too, it's gorgeous. Sometimes you just need a break! Crepes and almonds aren't bad now and again....

  5. that is a fabulous bag and the nails, hot stuff!

    we all deserve a break ... sometimes we must have chocolate covered almonds ... i know i do ... but the thing is that your bad days is someones wish days {aka as mine, haha} so keep your chin up and know that you are doing well no matter what because truly, you are.

  6. Listen to your body, it will tell you when it is time.

  7. I love the Japanese proverb! fall seven times - get up 8!

    Time for me to get some of that glitter.

    PS the mint choco chip is a good gum flavour.