Saturday, August 6, 2011

Riddle Me This


When Erin Stern woke up and saw that this was how her body looked on show day,
do you think she said to herself,
"Those other heifas don't stand a chance!!"

Ok...maybe she didn't say or  think that....but I would have walked into the venue and
told all the other competitors they could go home!!!

I worship at the feet of Erin Stern.

She is the Goddess of Figure.


  1. hey tenecia, funny post but yeah, ya do wonder what they think of themselves. do they see it from a "clinical" view or from a vanity side. i know mine would be pure vanity hahahahaha !!

  2. hahaha! i wonder the same thing!!!
    im sure she is confidant!
    about 2 yrs ago i "met" her on and she gave me some awesome advice on ab work!
    SO down to earth and so sweet!!!!
    i dont think i could see her as saying "yeah,i OWN this...go home!"
    but im sure she goes in thinking and knowing she looks damn good!!!!...
    i know i would!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! I bet when she walks in, all the other competitors WISH they could just go home and save themselves the embarrassment!

  4. hahaha, too funny ... she is def. fabulous!

  5. FO SHO! I'm sorry, but I think Nicole Wilkins just got lucky in her past shows... she's likeable. But her physique is significantly softer than Erin's. Erin's physique is superior! Bow!