Sunday, August 14, 2011

A "Normal" Weekend

Today marks 11 weeks from my final show for this year. I have noticed that a lot of competitors are planning on competing at this show and I will be honest, I have felt some fear & self-doubt!! I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens on October 29th!! I took some "progress" pictures this morning but can't bring myself to look at

Moving along....I was able to spend most of yesterday with my mom and sister...a ladies day out, if you will :) We had breakfast at the most incredible restaurant and I thoroughly enjoyed my blueberry pecan pancakes, home fries, and bacon without one ounce of guilt!! After breakfast, the three of us went to see the movie The Help. My sister and I both read the book so we couldn't wait to see if the movie would do it justice. I stick by my belief that the book is always better than the movie but the movie was really good! I highly remind that you, not only see the movie, but read the book as well! 
Donloree! The wonderful, inspirational woman of
Bikini or Bust and the leader of The BoBettes!
I had the opportunity to write a guest blog post for Donloree of Bikini or Bust last week Donloree (or D!!! as I like to call her) writes an incredible blog so I was a bit afraid that I wouldn't quite measure up! However, I had been thinking about a particular topic for quite some time and writing this guest post gave me the perfect opportunity to finally write my thoughts down. I hope that you will head over to D's blog and check out my "The Tan Rule" post.

I leave you with some of motivation I will be using for the upcoming week! I hope that whatever your goals are, you are moving towards and not away from them! Work hard and let's pursue our greatness!!!

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  1. i want to see The Help so bad but i don't know if i'll be able to read the book in time ... either way i'll do both even if it is kinda backwards.

    11 more weeks! you can do it because you have done it! i wish i had half the motivation you have!

    love the motivational quotes ... God knows I need them! :) you are inspiring so thank you!

  2. girl! loved your guest post!!!
    AND i so feel ya about being a tad fearful and feeling some self doubt creep in! totally normal
    (although WE are our own worst critics here,lol!)
    but 11 weeks will be here before you know it-
    just do what you do and trust the process-you will come in this show looking your best yet!!!
    your just cool like that!
    AND youve got so much determination and drive,i have no doubts you will meet and EXCEED your expectations going in this show!!!
    you got this chica!!
    OH and thank you for reminding me about all the halloween candy that will be out in stores so close to show! that and my sons b-day is 2 weeks beforehand,so i have to avoid the cake as well...
    gah!bleh! BUT hallows eve will be soooooo nice to have some sweet treats! yum!

  3. Do not doubt yourself woman! Remember the blinder's post you did a while ago? read it again! You'll do great!!!

  4. I actually discovered your blog through "The Tan Rule" post! Great post. And I'm sure you're making great progress too :)

  5. Your "The Tan Rule" post was so great! I'm lucky enough to have a trainer with me when I compete in November, but there was a point in time when I thought I wouldn't. It's nice reassurance that competitors are compassionate and I'm glad to hear that you're passing it along :)

  6. I LOVED the guest post! it was very inspirational and so true about the back stage culture : )
    I had a trainer the first time around but the enxt time it will probably be me myself and I...can only hope to meet a JENNY back stage

    Lots of love :)

  7. You are AMAZING!! Fantabulous guest post and I am so blessed to have you write for me. Blessed. And I have no doubt that you are going to ROCK in 11 weeks. Go lady go!!!