Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Release Tuesday

Trust me when I say that I don't like Jennifer Lopez....her musical talent is minimal, at best....I've always thought to myself, "Really?!?! Does she actually think she's singing?!?!"

The first time this song came on the radio, I liked it...I even wanted to download it...so imagine my shock & horror...I mean surprise...when I found out the song was sung by none other than Ms. J-Lo herself. I instantly thought, "Are you frickin' kidding me?!?!? I like a song from Jennifer Lopez?!?!" :)

The guy in the video is smokin' hot so enjoy the eye candy! Jennifer looks gorgeous (even though it pains me to type that! lol). Lil Wayne is my thug boyfriend and he can do no wrong in my eyes ;)



  1. Damn! Eye candy, heck can I get one in my size as my daughter says. :) They don't make anything like that in Louisiana.

  2. JLo bugs. She's gorgeous in the video... but to me she's really just a pretty face. I love Lil Wyane but I don't approve of his choice to work with her. I'm kind of meh on this song. Tired of listening to JLo... it just doesn't work for me.
    But I will give the eye candy credit for putting up with her. ;)

  3. MMM. I do like this song, only cause of Lil Wayne though!

  4. THANK YOU for the eye candy... I needed that today ;)

  5. i might be the only one in the world who doesn't mind JLo, haha. maybe it is because she is from my hometown ... who knows?

    i like the song but mostly because of Lil Wayne. he's actually my thug boyfriend, so he's cheating on you ;)