Friday, August 12, 2011

They Never Let Me Down!

When prepping, I often find myself getting frustrated that clothes that once fit no longer do. I can understand if some of you think that I'm crazy but it's really annoying when you put on the dress pants that fit just fine a week ago, only to find that this week they make you look frumpy. It's a bit ridiculous to put on your favorite pair of Lucky jeans and then listen to your husband & sister make fun of you because you look like you have a saggy booty! (true story!)

I hate buying new clothes, especially while prepping. It requires going into a dressing room, seeing your body under those "High Beams on Your Every Flaw" lights, and critiquing yourself in those "It Looked Better on the Hanger" mirrors. thanks....I'll pass!!!

The one thing that I can count on fitting, no matter what point in prep I'm in, are my shoes! I love shoes!! Tom & I have an agreement - he cannot say one word about me buying shoes and I will keep my mouth shut about him buying parts for his Raptor :)

I would like to share with you the new loves of my new wedges...because what girl doesn't need a pair of wedges that make her almost 6'1"?!?!? :)

Does your public librarian rock fierce wedges?!?! Cuz this one does :)

Enjoy your Friday!!!


  1. :) Enjoy girl! Us tall women should NEVER be afraid to wear our hills!!

  2. Those are so cute!
    My heels make me 6'1" as well. Tall girls rock ;)

  3. i absolutely love wedges ... yours are hot!

    i feel that way about earrings ... no matter what my earrings always look good on me, hahaha.

  4. LOVE those shoes. I was in Phoenix with my Coach's wifey about a month ago..and there was a store that sold those EXACT shoes for $10...LOVE THEM, but i didnt get them..instead i got some 4.5inch hi teal slingbacks.

    Yay for hot shoes!! :)