Sunday, January 20, 2013

Puttin' It Down at the 99 Cent Store!

If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be shopping at the 99 Cent Store more frequently than the MAC store, I would have given you the stank eye. Me? The 99 Cent Store? Ain't no one got time for that! ;)

The truth is, I do! The 99 Cent store is just one of the resources I use to help me save money. I figure if I save money on food items, hygiene products, & cleaning supplies, then that's more money I have to spend on MAC products books shoes necessities!!

Tom & I decided to take you along with us on today's field trip to the 99 Cent only store. Warning - I'm a complete dork & no, it's not because I'm being filmed! lol!



  1. T,i dont know how you make shopping at the dollar store look fun,but you do!!!
    and i cant believe there is produce there!!!??
    we have a similar store here,the dollar tree,but there isnt fresh produce,boo!!!!

    and btw,your arms look awesome!

  2. Ummmm, our dollar store does not have fresh produce either! Thanks for posting this. I have gotten out of the habit of going and this video really inspired me to go check mine out again. Especially for those little plastic containers! Ugh I hate paying money for that convenience, but I DO IT, so I might as well pay less!

  3. Our dollar stores are not like this! NO fair!

  4. P.S. you are so cute! I also can't believe you got all the produce and ending up spending less than $25!!

  5. Love it! I feel like I went shopping with you two....and you kept my attention span #icantkeepmyattentionspanforanyshowsthesedays

  6. Love the dollar store!!! It's never the same and you can find "treasures" as my son says LOL. Great post!