Sunday, March 24, 2013

Black and Yellow's Excellent Adventure: 12 Weeks Out!!

*taps the microphone*

Is this thing on?? Can you hear me?? :)

I'm alive! No, the Earth did not swallow me whole! Life just got in the way of blogging, what else can I say? To make up for being absent, I thought I would do a video check in and quick update on what's been going on!


  1. PANCAKES?! lol,out of all the things you talked about,all i heard was pancakes.....
    kidding! (but yes,pancakes would be awesome)
    i can relate to you on so many levels here!
    i too,am choosing not to look at the top 5 gals,
    i too,am trying to keeping positive-and when the negative creeps in,i shift focus!
    i too,am still trying to find time to sleep,
    and i too,ate pancakes-in my mind,just now...
    they were good.
    anyways,just keep on doing what you do,keep up with the motivational quotes,and do your thang,chica!you got this!
    rock on black and yellow!