Friday, January 10, 2014

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Hilarious pic I found on my phone - not sure where it's from!

We all know that I want shoulders. Scratch that. We all know that I am crazy mildly obsessed with building boulder shoulders.

Remember the video I posted in my I Wanna Be Like Dwight post? Side note - can we just talk about how much I miss my mohawk? I'm seriously thinking about going back to it! Can I also mention that my body looks so different to me in that training video?? I haven't watched it in awhile and am realizing that I really have made some serious changes to my physique since we shot that.

I also talked about my ever-growing desire to have shoulders like Dwight and Candice Keene as well as sharing a couple different shoulder workouts in my The Obsession Continues and Mixin' Things Up posts. Since those posts were a few months ago, I thought I would share some of the more recent workouts I've been doing.

I recently learned how how to do clean and press and I have to tell you, I kinda love it :) I've been incorporating it into at least one of my weekly shoulder workouts.

Workout A

Cable Upright Row
80 x 20 (2 sets)  100 x 15 (2 sets)  120 x 12 (2 sets)

Standing Lateral Raises
20/20 x 12 (2 sets)  25/25 x 12 (2 sets)  30/30 x 10

Shoulder Press
barbell x 10 (4 sets)
superset with
Bent-over Lateral Raises
15 x 12  20 x 12  25 x 12  30 x 10

Incline Press (with dumbbells)
20 x 10 (5 sets)
superset with
10 (5 sets)

From my Instagram - I was very excited about my polka dots & baby boulders! :)

Workout B
Single Arm Military Press (with dumbbells)
20 x 12 (5 sets)

Quarter Lateral Raises
15 x 20 (3 sets)  20 x 15 (3 sets)

StarTrac Rear Delt Machine
60 x 10 (3 sets)  75 x 10 (3 sets)

Clean and Press
30/30 x 8  35/35 x 8  40/40 x 8  45/45 x 6 (2 sets)

Ignore the booze & focus on the cute bow in my hair & the appearance of my right!
I'm excited about the developments that appear to be taking place!! Do I have Dwight Howard shoulders? No, I'm not quite there yet. But like I've said before, I want boulders so bad I can taste them!



  1. Girl! You make me jealous! I always admire your arms and shoulders!!!
    I have a 9 year plan for obtaining shoulders, lol.

  2. You look freaking AWESOME! Thanks for the new workout ideas. I love seeing what other people do!

  3. Girlie, I LOVE your arns in the orange tank. So woman crushing! :) You look fantastic!
    Take care,