Monday, December 6, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

The lovely Donloree at Bikini or Bust put together a list of what some of the ladies in her Bikini or Bust Challenge wanted for Christmas. I posted a comment on her All I Want For Christmas post and she encouraged me to join in the fun so....I present to Christmas wish list!
  • Ryan Reynolds - I'm salivating just typing his name. Need I say more?!?!
  • '67 GTO - a bad ass girl deserves a bad ass ride!
  • Erin Stern's body - she's perfection and I wanna be like her!
  • Courtney West's body - my plan B in case I don't get Erin's body!
  • To become a Public Librarian - if Santa brought me the librarian job I've been dreamin' of since I graduated with my masters in Library Science almost 3 years ago, I just might crap my pants!!!
  • Competition suit by Caron Hospedales - her suits are so gorgeous and I REALLY want to step on stage in one!
  • Lean, musclar quads & hammies!
  • Qualify for a national show - just gimme a top 5 placing, please!!!
  • Intensity, drive, focus, and motivation - Can't get through a prep and receive a top placing without them!

Please note that the last five items are legitimate wish items....but that's not saying I wouldn't be very grateful if Santa brought me the other items on the list!!! :)

What's on your Christmas wish list? And don't give me some b.s. answer like "Peace on Earth"...I want you to be as superficial as me ;)


  1. Ryan Reynolds!!!! Hubba hubba! Hot and bothered now....

    Love your list!

    You can reach your legitimate wish list items my darling friend!

  2. I hope you don't mind, but I added Ryan to my list....? Santa said both of us were good girls this year ;o)

  3. Pfft you already have lean muscular quads and hammies!

    Love the list! GIT IT GIRL!

  4. Totally LOL'ing because I clicked on Bikini Wannabe's profile and just read her blog name "GIT IT GIRL!"... What a coinkydink! LOL!

  5. LOVE it! I can't wait to hear about your Ryan Reynolds adventure. ;)