Monday, December 27, 2010

Did You Think I Forgot About You?!?!

I'm back and ready to blog my lil heart out! :) My Christmas was wonderful! I was able to spend time with my family, eat lots of good food, and watch my daughter's face light up at any given moment! Love the holidays! I hope that your's was enjoyable as well!!

You know what else I love??!?! Walgreen's having its Christmas candy on sale yesterday!! And you know what that means! Bags and bags of candy cane kisses, mint truffle kisses, and mint m&ms now reside in my refrigerator....but not for

I did manage to go to the gym today...despite not having my ipod! I hate not having my workout companion but I managed to make it through ok. Today's shoulder workout was made up of:

Lateral raises 20 x 20 25 x 17 30 x 15
Shrugs (with dumbbells & 10 second hold) 50 x 5 55 x 5 60 x 5 65 x 5
Bent-over lateral raises 15 x 15 (2 sets) 20 x 12 (2 sets)
Barbell upright row 65 x 10 (2 sets) 75 x10 (2 sets) 85 x 10
Push press 50 x 8 (2 sets) 60 x 8 (2 sets) 70 x 5 (2 sets)
I should tell you guys that I've picked a date for my next show....I'm going to do a show in California and give Arizona a break for a bit....prep will officially start next week! That should be interesting....I mean....I have 9 bags of candy to consume in addition to some bottles of Moscato D'Asti to guzzle before then....I guess I better get started!!! :)

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