Sunday, December 12, 2010

Just Call Me "Spinderella"!!

This past Friday I joined my sister Reecie, brother-in-law Josue, and his friend from work for DJ Spin at O2 Modern Fitness! It was the studio's one year anniversary and after our class we participated in a champagne toast and were also able to visit the studio's new space that has been built for their Applied Fitness program. The new space is so cool and I can't wait to learn more about this new program. Reecie and Josue laughed at me because as soon as we walked in I squealed, "Kettlebells!!!!". It's the little things that excite!

I had never been to spinning before but was offered one week of free classes through my employer's Employee Wellness program. Josue is a cyclist and has competed in the El Tour de Tucson several times. He uses spinning as part of his training regimen and I knew that he wouldn't mind going with me so I wouldn't be the only newbie in the class!

After checking out the class schedule, we decided to attend the DJ Spin class that is offered once a month. It's an hour long spinning class but the twist is there is a live DJ, lights are dimmed, and the disco ball comes out! It was the perfect class to ease me into spinning. One class we attended has an African drumming group instead of a DJ and it was AWESOME!!! The pounding of the drums plus the resistance of the bike weaved with the spoken journey our instructor took us on was nothing short of amazing!

O2 Modern Fitness is the only spinning studio in Tucson but you know what, they're not just offering spinning classes. They also offer Pilates, Yoga, and Meditation. I'm really excited about taking more classes...I've fallen in love with Mike who is one of the instructors....he's just the right amount of motivation with a side of brutal! My off-season plan was to try new forms of training and have fun while doing it so I'm going to start taking his spinning + bootcamp class on Monday nights. I think this just might be the way to help me get those lean quads and hammies I put on my Christmas wish list!

So...if you live in Tucson or come here for a visit, stop by O2!! Maybe we can even go to a class together!!


  1. Um......hello! I need to go spin. I need new spin shoes because I gave my old ones to my sister in law because I stopped spinning...even though I loved it. I should see if she wants to send them back to me. Those babies were $$$ expensive!

    I would love to get involved in taking more classes to. There's a good energy when you are working out with people!

    Good post T!

  2. I have went to ONE spinning class. It was boring, awful. I did not like it one bit. The music was bad and the cues were "Up... down... up.... down." Your places sounds SOOO COOL!