Friday, December 17, 2010

Poo On My Shoe!!

One of the items on my Christmas wish list was a competition suit by Caron Hospedales. Yesterday, Genie sent me a link to a suit that Caron was selling on and I instantly fell in love. But I didn’t want to get excited about something that didn’t compliment my skin tone so I emailed Genie and asked “Would I look completely ridiculous 4 shades darker tryin’ to rock a gold suit?” Her answer was no so I proceeded to email Caron expressing interest in purchasing the suit. Turns out that the suit had already been sold and I was left feeling like I had just stepped in a pile of poo!!! I want a new suit but I’m a lady on a budget…I’m just not comfortable spending $500 on a suit…why doesn’t my bank account have an endless supply of money in it?!?!

I also need that endless supply of money to purchase two pairs of shoes I saw at the mall on Wednesday night. Seriously, I saw a pair of Steve Maddens and I literally gasped out loud! And the Jessica Simpsons!!! Don’t even get me started!!! My love of shoes is ridiculous…lol!!

I’m thinking about changin’ up my look for 2011....I need a new ‘do…maybe some pink weave like Nicki Minaj (right, Genie???)…or the near bald look like Amber Rose? Maybe I should do my hair like my alter-ego BonQuiQui (if you haven’t seen this MadTV sketch, go to youtube and watch it now!!!) I want to start the new year off feelin’ sassy!!!

Anyone else changing their look next year?


  1. O-M-G! Those shoes! Both of die for. I am in love. I didn't know I would fall in love tonight :o)

    I sort of wish I could have purple hair, but I don't think I'll do that for 2011. I'm thinking I will wear more lip gloss and do my nails more often.

  2. I love Nicki Minaj. I may seriously have a girl crush on her. LOL

    Just throwing this out there... you could get a blank suit from Caron and I could stone it for you and we could keep it under budget. ;)