Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bathing in Icy Hot!!

So remember the other day when I mentioned that my legs were going to be sore after the leg workout I did. say that my legs are sore is an understatement!!! I'm so sore it hurts even when I don't move!! Tom has been getting a chuckle out of the waddle walk I've been doing the last couple of at least I'm still moving! No pain no gain, right?? Sexy, muscular legs are right around the corner....I think ;)

I'm still following Meriza's plan and today's workout focused on delts and back. Tom and I tweaked the workout a little and after I finished my first set, I sent him a text that read "OOOOWWWW!!"...yep....the workout was that good!

Here's what today's workout consisted of:

Superset #1
Shoulder press w/dumbbells
set 1: 15lbs x 25
set 2: 20lbs x 20
set 3-4: 25lbs x 15

Seated Arnold press
set 1-4: 15lbs x 15

Lateral raises
set 1-4: 15lbs x 15

Superset #2
Wide grip lat pulldowns
set 1: 60lbs x 25
set 2: 75lbs x 20
set 3-4: 90lbs x 15

Seated row (close grip)
set 1-4: 90lbs x 20 res

Barbell bent over row
set 1: 65lbs x 15
set 2: 85lbs x 15
set 3-4: 95lbs x 15

One last thing....remember when I said I wasn't going to be stepping on the scale unless it was for check-ins....well....I lied! Ugh!! I stepped on the scale tonight and was surprised (and not in a good way!!) with the number that popped up. Don't worry....Tom scolded me about going against my word and I promised not to do it again!

Now, excuse me while I go bathe in Icy Hot! Momma's legs are hurtin'! :)


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