Monday, December 20, 2010

Break is OVA'!!!

The gym and I were on a "break"...long story....but we realized how much we loved each other and we're back on!!! :) Today's back workout consisted of:

Assisted pull-ups 110 x 12 (3 sets)

Single arm high cable pulldown 60 x 15/15 (3 sets)

HammerStrength iso-lateral low row 70 x 20 90 x 20 110 x 15 (2 sets)

Wide grip lat pulldown 90 x 25 105 x 20 120 x 15 (2 sets)


Barbell bent-over row 95 x 8 115 x 8 135 x 6 (2 sets)

Deadlifts 95 x 8 115 x 8 135 x 6 (2 sets)

I didn't realize that the testoterone (aka the guys who work out at the same time I do) paid any attention to me. That sounds weird but let me explain.When I arrived at the gym this afternoon, one of the guys I often see around came up to me and said hello. He asked how I was doing and if I planned to do another show. He also made the comment that he wondered if I was sick or something because I hadn't been coming to the gym. I chuckled and told him that the truth was I had been lazy and just skipping out on my workouts. I just thought it was funny that he noticed I hadn't been coming in....maybe it's not that strange...I am the only Gym Don't that is there during the lunch hour! ;)

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  1. You are STRONG! I'm super impressed. Maybe I'll get to those weights one day! It's weird when you don't think people really notice you but then someone says something. I've had that happen too. Too funny.