Thursday, December 9, 2010


As you may or may not have noticed, I’m not one for bull$hit! I’d rather have the gritty painful truth than soft fluffy crap! LOL!!

With that said, let’s acknowledge the fact that it can be difficult to become AND stay motivated! For example, it’s a bit hard for me right now to stay motivated to maintain my clean eating habits because it’s the holidays (hello candy canes, booze, and baked goods!) and I don’t have a looming show date!

But there are ways that I jump-start my motivation juices and I thought I would share them with you.

The first is quotes. Words are POWERFUL! Think about it. Have you ever read something that just clicked? Today, I read a quote courtesy of my dear friend Chelsea that she posted as her facebook status. The quote was,

“Only the strong survive, but the strong still get their ass whipped.” -Nick Saban

And boom…there it was…clarity. Yes, I consider myself to be a strong woman (both physically and mentally) but you know what? I received a whoopin’ at my last two shows! So, I may think that I’m strong but I’m not so strong that I can’t be beaten! I will cut out quotes and tape them to the area right above my computer at work so I can see them anytime I look up!

Another tool that I use is pictures. I turned my day planner from last year into a motivation book. It is filled with pictures of women who motivate me to be a better me! I also have pictures taped to the walls in my bathroom and the refrigerator. These pictures are a nice kick in the butt when I’m feeling lazy. They tell me that these women have put in the work and effort to improve their bodies and I can’t do the same if I don’t get off my butt!

My last tool is flashbacks! Let me explain. I flashback to days when The Princess says something that makes me proud of who I’ve become in the last year or someone has made a comment about how I’ve helped them reach their goals. One morning while we were getting ready for school, The Princess reached over and squeezed my bicep. After about a minute of squeezing, she looked at me and said “Mommy, I like that you have muscles. You’re so strong!” I think I smiled all day after hearing that!

So, those are my go-to tools to rev up my motivation juices…what about you? What tools do you use?

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