Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So...Umm...I Lied....

I will explain why I'm a liar in just a sec. First, let's talk about the picture above. Yes, those are my Tootsie Roll colored chicken legs...lol...with my new Bikilas!!! Tom bought them for me for Christmas and today was the first day I used them in the gym. Loved them! And I think they're kinda cute....laugh if you want....but they are!

Now for the explanation...remember yesterday's post where I said that I was going to give AZ NPC shows a break?? Well, turns out I lied about that! I received an email today and there will be a NPC show in Tucson in July. It's being called the NPC Terminator Championships. And you know what that means....that means there will be a show in my backyard so I HAVE to do it! I'm really excited because Chelsea might do the show as well. Can't wait!

My Bikilas and I hit up legs today and this is what took place:

V-Squat 90 x 15 140 x 15 190 x 15
Weighted lunges 20 x 12 (3 sets)

Hack squat 90 x 20 140 x 18 160 x 15
Leg curl 65 x 20 80 x 18 95 x 15

Step-ups (on bench) 30 x 12/12 (3 sets)
Deadlifts 115 x 12 (2 sets) 185 x 10 (2 sets)

Curtsy lunges (with barbell) 45 x 8/8 (3 sets)

1 comment:

  1. I love the shoes! Did you feel a difference when doing deadlifts? I heard they're great for squats & deadlifts.

    What a great news about the show in Tucson! It sounds very tempting as I have family over in Tucson and I can stay with them... hmmm... and is only one week before the AZ Open. Thanks for the news!

    Great workout T!