Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guest Post: From a Proud Husband!!!

Before I give a recap of the trip from my eyes, I will apologize in advance for my poor writing skills.  With that being said, I just want to thank everyone that encourages her and follows her journey through her blog. 

First off, I need to say I am not a huge fan of driving long distances...  AT ALL!  The max I have ever drove in a car at one time is 6 hrs.  I would much rather spend the money to fly, but Tenecia mentioned that some people tend to hold water from the flight.  I was dreading the drive, stocked up on energy drinks and snacks(felt bad every time I opened a doritos bag and the cheesy aroma filled the car).  I actually enjoyed the trip a lot, we laughed, a ton, and listened to some bomb ass diggity jams (inside joke).  Here is a few pics of the ride...

Driving by the Sand Dunes was hard!!!
Been riding quads with my family here for over 28 years!!!
Saw the ocean off of California for the first time, beautiful drive on I-5
Nana sent a pic in the morning of our daughter, put a smile on her face immediately!!!
On Friday we drove to the competition site to see exactly how far it was from the hotel, then we went to the mall.  Started getting hungry and Tenecia pointed out Shakey's.  It is kind of a legend in Tucson, 
our parents grew up going there and we went there as kids.
It is a pizza parlor with an all you can eat buffet, fried chicken, fried potato slices, and much more goodness.  I told Tenecia that I could drop her off  then find food, but she insisted in watching me eat 
three plates of deliciousness!!!
I have to make a shout out to my favorite part of this whole competition prep...  
But you are going to have to wait till part two.  Time to get our grown up clothes on for a wedding!


  1. Awww Tenecia that sad face is too cute. What an awesome duo you two make!!
    Have fun at the wedding, looking forward to part 2.


  2. oh! a picture says a thousand words!!!
    and yeah when i saw a pic of all that food,i put my pouty face on tooo!
    pleaseno more food pics until this sunday please!
    jkg of course!always love stopping by here!

  3. Sweet, I love this post =)

  4. hahhah i love the expression on Tenecia's face at the buffet!

  5. Love the guest poster! That cracks me up about not being in a car for more than 6 hours! You both make an awesome team......

  6. I love me some road trippin fun! T- you look great mama! Awesome willpower, breakfast foods are hard to pass up. It's all worth it though, you look shredded!