Friday, May 27, 2011

Marriage Is..The Figure Competitor Edition!

I stumbled across this great blog post  entitled "Marriage Is.." by Faith of Life.Love&Marriage. I love her sense of humor and I think I said "true" to almost every bullet point!

After reading her list, I decide to make my own but with a twist!

So, I present to you....

Marriage Is...The Figure Competitor Edition!

  • High-fiving each other when your freezer is stocked with chicken breast that was on sale for $.79/lb
  • Your husband looking lovingly into your eyes on show day and saying "I love you....but you smell like ass!"
  • The first thing out of his mouth on a Saturday morning is "Go pee...weigh in...don't forget to put lotion on your legs so you're not ashy...and I'll meet you out front for pictures."
  • Finding pizza and beer in the refrigerator in the garage because he doesn't want to rub it in your face that he can eat food that you can't!
  • Looking at pictures of half-naked women (competitors) and talking about their muscularity, glutes, or symmetry
  • Having a husband who will grill 10 lbs of chicken, weigh it, and put it in individual Ziploc containers just so you don't have to!
  • Having a husband who will add stones to your competition suit because it still needs more bling!
  • Standing naked in your garage while your husband applies your tanner and discussing your daughter's report card like it's no big deal to be naked in your garage :)
  • Not taking it personal when your husband says you could stand to lean out a bit more
  • Sensing that you are physically and emotionally drained, he will walk up to you - put his arms around you - kiss you gently - and say, "Go to bed. I'll take care of the dishes and getting The Princess to bed." 
  • Cherishing the look of pride when you step off of stage and giggling when he gives you a bear hug (despite the fact that you smell like ass!) while proclaiming "You killed it up there!!"


  1. I love this!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. omg, i am so honored! i just saw the email and had to check it out. i LOVED reading this post!!! :)

    you have a new follower!!

  3. This post just put added a whole new dimension for me when I sit down next time and do report cards! :o)