Saturday, May 21, 2011

Posing...Posing...And More Posing!

Posing attempt this morning....I'm so easily you can! I also need to work on not swinging my arms so much! But as they say, "practice makes perfect!" :)

Here's a video that Tom shot of my class at the Orange County Muscle Classic finals. I blame lack of carbs for the fact that I stumbled and lost my concentration :)


  1. perfect practice makes perfect!
    loving the videos!
    and you are looking great,as always!!!!

  2. What a great idea to video your practicing. You look too cute doing it at home :o) Tommy is awesome for filming, too.

  3. Good job! Looking great and I love the end of practice =)

  4. Love the videos! You're too cute... this reminds me that I better start practicing ASAP! Good job!