Saturday, May 7, 2011

What I've Learned In The Past 2 Weeks

I will be the first to say it.....I have been a shitty lackluster blogger recently!! I've been in a bit of funk with the new adjustments to prep but that was no reason why I couldn't get on here & do some bloggin' :) So, lo siento (I apologize!).

I want to share with you some of the lessons I've learned over the past 2 weeks. Please feel free to take notes ;)

The Princess is growing up WAY too fast!! I miss the days of hearing her yell "Mom" in her squeaky voice whenever she needed something. Now, she doesn't need me for anything...well...except giving her money to buy books at the book fair and taking her to the movies :)

There's nothing like a 'gar and Big Kids' Juice (aka BOOZE!!)...someone needs to figure
out how to fit these into a figure competitor's prep plan...stat!

How awesome it feels to put something on other than gym clothes and "work" clothes.
 Tommy & I were invited to his cousin's wedding last Sunday and I was able throw on a sassy LBD & my new Steve Madden shoes. Also, it was a definite plus to see my handsome hubby in a suit & tie...LOVE LOVE LOVE a good-looking man in a suit!

This song still requires the volume to be at the highest level possible and a dance around the living room (even if you're only wearing a pair of boy shorts and a sports bra!). I miss Shania Twain's music...#yesI'mabrownskinnedgirlwholikesShaniaTwain...#don'tjudgeme

How angry I would feel when someone (who knows my family pretty well so I can't give her a pass for being a "stranger") called my Dad "my step-dad"...the man has raised me since I was 2 years old. He was the man who instilled in me a love of books. He was the first man to take me on a date and buy me flowers. He was the man who walked me down the aisle. He is the man who has told me, throughout my life, when I'm doing something stupid as well as when I'm doing something right. He has loved me without limitations and I have loved him with my whole heart. Yes, he may be White but he's still my DAD and never in my life have I called him my "step-dad". Sorry if that's not something you can understand...wait in the words of the wise Rachel Wilkerson....sorry I'm not sorry!
*whew...I got a lil deep there... ;)

How utterly ridiculous it is that I am now in my 4th prep and I just bought a membership to Costco!
Why didn't someone tell me about how wonderful it is to buy egg whites, ground turkey, protein powder, glucosamine, and dark chocolate pomegranate bites sugar-free gum in bulk??!?!
Seriously, I am in love with Costco and I don't care who knows it! Donloree feels the same way...check out her love sonnet to Costco.

And the last lesson I learned, how wise Tom was to insist that I purchase photos from the show photographer at the Orange County Muscle Classic. Yes, Tom had great seats and was able to take some really good photos but...let's be honest....nothing beats photos from a professional photographer that was thisclose to the stage. I may sound cocky when I say this but I love the pictures I received. I will definitely buy my photos at my next CA show!

Any lessons you've learned that you care to share?

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  1. Love these lessons =) Um, I can't believe you just bought a Costco membership either! We definitely stock up every two weeks.

    One BIG lesson I have learned and will continue to work at is: housework can wait, my kids grow up too fast. I am always worried about cleaning and laundry and dishes and sometimes just let them play by themselves but realized I"m missing a whole lot by doing that. NO MORE! =)