Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guest Post: From a Proud Husband!!! Part 2

Back from the wedding...took a Gangsta pic, cuz we were being silly!

 So the last blog post was Thursday and Friday...  I will now post Competition day analysis, from a proud husband!!!  You have probably been bombarded with pics that I took and  So most of this summary will be in writing...
And I promised you all I would tell my favorite part of the show!!!  If you guessed tanner, you were right!  I first laughed when Tenecia told me that she needed three coats of tanner, but she was serious.  I was a little skeptical but it really makes a different with separation on stage making things "pop."  My favorite part however is applying it, buck-ass naked, in the garage with some good music, and maybe some alcohol.  It takes about an hour to apply it, probably could go faster but this part is for my enjoyment, lol.

Ok enough of that.  Saturday started out like most Saturdays at home...  The list needs to be done, in the right order, and right on time.  No time to talk, flirt, or smart comments.  It's go time.  Her list must be followed to the capital T!!!  Meals, everything packed, double check backstage bag, iron her after show clothes, and mine (won't let me interrupt her when she is on a roll), makeup, hair, suit, make bed, clean room, blah blah blah...  She is an animal to say the least!!! 

A little makeup pic early Sat.

While she was getting ready, I could not believe how vascular she had become overnight, with striated quads and great separation.  I could not wait for her to hit that front pose and the quads chiseled with full muscle bellies!  She was definitely leaner by far than past shows and I was very excited to see the competition.

The show placement was perfectly done. If your class was early at pre-judging, you would be last for the night show, only fair.  So Figure was first and we left right after prejudging to rest up for the night.  I took pictures of all the figure first callouts and the classes were pretty big.  I was so busy taking pics I did not analyze what the judges were looking for.  Her class only had four competitors, but great competition.  As far as stage presence and posing, I really thought Tenecia looked confident, graceful, feminine, and all around complete package. 

I define her class as cut and lean, not striated and ripped, muscular and shapely without looking blocky or big.  Her class looked to be the toughest but you never know what the judges are looking for.  And at this contest I was WAY off!  Figure obviously needs to make a new definition, because I frankly do not understand it.  She brought the best package we had to offer, and I would not change anything.  However for the next show prep is totally different!

I will leave you with my favorite pic from the show

Again thank you all for encouraging her and pushing her, and can I ask to keep it up, she is not real excited to do weights a mere once a week!  But that is what the doc has ordered!
From a proud husband,


  1. A great post, especially loved the garage scene. :) Too funny and typical husband! Keep posting!

  2. YEAH! Great post, Tommy!! T tore it up and looked fantabulous.

  3. YOur tanning story sounds alot more fun than mine! ahahah Tanning your own butt is far less fun!

  4. GRRRREAT POST tommy!!!!!!!! loved the tanning part,thats my hubs fav thing too!!!!
    we are all proud of T as well!

  5. I've been waiting for part 2! I love the tanning part too =) And I'm the same way when things need to get done- I'm all about business and don't bug me until I'm done. I love that you are so proud of her too, so sweet.

  6. yay! i was waiting on part 2 as well :) well done on being an amazingly supportive husband!

  7. Great post! What a great journey for the both of you!
    Tenecia looked amazing at the competition, not to mention her tall slender figure standing out above the crowd of competitor's.


  8. Ha ha ha! Tenecia has her own tanning assistant.
    Love it!
    I think that would motivate Charlie to be very supportive of my efforts if he got to do that in the garage with a beer, or two....good music, etc :o)

    Nice post Tommy!