Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I Waz Scurred!!

Yesterday, something scary happened! Chelsea, a fellow TFD wife and friend, decided that she wasn't going to do the NPC Terminator show in July. You can read more about what happened in her The Cookie That Made Me Cry post. I know how much she wants to step on stage so I quickly shot off a series of texts basically telling her that this is a hard road but not to quit on me.

I also sent her a pic msg after my workout that said, "I'm read to kick some butt! R u with me?!?!" Here's the pic I sent her....yes....I'm a complete dork!

Her response was, "I'll see you backstage on July 16th!" YES!!! She's ready to take on the bikini girls - someone should probably warn them :)

You know who else is ready to kick the crap outta the competition on July 16th - Ana over at Fit, Fun, & Delish! Check out the photo her boyfriend took of her at the gym post-workout! It's completely unfair that she looks stage ready and we're still 8 plus weeks out!!! I'm just hoping we aren't in the same class (please hear my prayers, gods of NPC shows!).

Stay tuned....the three of us are gunnin' for a win!!


  1. Thanks for the support T! You ROCK!

  2. looking forward to following all of yall along the way!!!!!!

  3. Ohhhh....July 16th is my competition day too!!

  4. T!!!! I'm the one scurred of you girl! You look amazing on your last show and can't imagine how much better you're going to look in July.. are you doing the AZ Open one too?

    By the way, you have the best biceps in the whole wide world!! Love them!