Monday, May 23, 2011


Apparently, this is what figure competitors do for fun on a Sunday night....they prep their food for the week...well...technically they prep their food for Monday thru least I have a cute bag to put all of the food in! :)

Last Saturday marked 8 weeks out and I feel like I could be doing better! Weight loss has stalled but I feel "skinny"....if that makes any sense. No diet changes (thank you prep gods for allowing me to keep my carbs) but additional cardio has been added to the mix. Prep = the never ending science experiment! :)

I spent almost all of Saturday glued to - the coverage of Jr USAs was incredible! Of course, I began to compare myself against the competitors that showed up and in crept the self-doubt. Luckily, while taking a break from this particular website I found a great blog post from Kellie of MotherFitness. The post is entitled Go In Wearing Blinders and I highly recommend it - especially for those of you who compete.  From here on out - I'm going to focus on the race in front of me - not the physiques of the Class E winners across the country - not the number on the scale - not my perceived competition. I'm going to focus on ME and how I'm running this particular race.

I always love when I'm doing cardio and a song comes on that I forgot I had on my playlist but takes my motivation to level 4 billion! This morning it was this song -

Busta Rhymes + Linkin Park = undeniable music!!

I've got my blinders on....I'm focused...I'm running MY race, not anyone else's. If you need a pair of blinders,  I may have an extra pair or two that you can borrow :)


  1. I so needed that reminder. I'm not a competitor, though the thought has crossed my mind.. shhh.. But see the physique of those in the gym with me does put me in that place where I lose focus on what my own goals are. I'm getting there. I ran 2 miles today at the gym! Woo!

  2. I am so excited for you! I'm sure you will fantastic!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! You look better at 8 weeks than I do at 1, so shut the front door, girl! You look amazing! Love ya!

  4. Hey T! You look great...just keep it up and keep those blinders on! When you are finished with them, can I borrow?