Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Release Tuesday

Ok....so I've resisted jumping on the Adele bandwagon for some time now....I just thought her voice was "good" and have only liked one of the songs I've heard from her.

That has all changed!! One of the local radio stations played this song yesterday and I thought "Who is this??? I love her voice!!" Yep...at the precise moment I found out it was Adele, I climbed onto the bandwagon and made myself comfortable :)

Take a listen!


  1. I had a similar experience with Justin Bieber--I REALLY did not want to like him, but after a 12 hour road trip to New Orleans with some friends (and then an 11 hour trip to Florida, then 12 hours back to Virginia), I had no choice BUT to like him, haha. This is such a good Adele song--good choice!

  2. My girls love her and she is growing on me too.

  3. i totally love her too...her voice is amazing...

  4. I definitely love her voice! So raspy and unique!!