Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chelsea's Perspective!

I am guest posting today on Tenecia's blog! As you read this, think to yourself how you may inspire someone in your life because that is what Tenecia did for me. It could be a word or two of encouragement to someone about something they are working towards. Go ahead and find a way to encourage somebody. It may mean more to them than you know!

First, I need to answer a question about the picture she posted. What do I think of that picture? EEK! I think, "Marshmellows! It's a Kenny Sandwich!" That's Kenny in the middle. Another Fire Fighter/Engineer that works with our husbands. That picture can't even get out, but it was my husband that was looking at it and told me to send it to Tenecia!
1. Bad angle! Bad angle! Never pose from that angle again! I am mortified, but I gotta own it. It's me!
2. I look so chubby!
3. I have no idea what I weighed in that picture, but I really hope that I can stay were I am at NOW, and maintain a more fit look.
4. My husband and I giggled at the picture. We had a blast that night. Even though I looked chubby, the night was so fun!

Tenecia and I are kindred spirits. We are fire fighter wives. We are mothers. We have careers. Our husbands work for the same fire department. I am positive we share a similar sense of humor but I am certain she has me beat in the fashion department and can rock more shades of Mac that I can. I also think we are athletes, too.
Our story could start from the way beginning, where I say, "Once upon a time, Tenecia and I met because our husbands worked together and my first memory of us hanging out was at a tailgate party where my toddler son tugged on her earring. She was so sweet and said she was used to her daughter doing that," but I am going to just start my story right in the middle of an NPC show we went to a few years later in February, 2010, and I'll start it right in the middle of a conversation we had. We were watching and commenting on the competitors. We were truly enjoying the show.

Here is a picture of us the night before my transformation started to take place and I notice that I appear to have lost weight in my face in the past couple of years. My face looks so different now:

Chelsea: "Do you want to do a competition?"
Tenecia" " I am thinking about it."
We keep watching the show.
Chelsea: "Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh! Look at that guy on stage!"
Tenecia:  Says nothing at all. She puts her hand up to her mouth. I look at her and her eyes say it all.....
The guy on stage must have taken some ecstasy before going on stage because he was doing inappropriate things. Kind of like an Elvis Presley gyration, only in a teeny tiny bikini bottom, as he makes his way into a back bend. Is this a standard pose for an NPC competition?? I think NOT!! It was hysterical. Absolutely hysterical.
We laughed. I wasn't sure if this was normal or not, but my instincts told me NO.
I went home and thought about training for a show. I thought about it for a long time and decided I would do it. Life got in the way though. I started training for a November show. I felt ready to do it, then I had a death in the family right 3 weeks before a show and had to travel north, then I got in a roll over car accident 3 weeks later, then rehabbed my body back from some major injuries. I still wanted to do a show. I was going to do one. It just took a little longer for me to get on that track, but what kept me motivated along the way was Tenecia. At time time, I also was still nervous about doing a show so all of the life events happening were okay. In the process, I lost some weight, I worked out, I blogged, I learned new habits.
I went up to Phoenix to root on Tenecia at one of her shows in 2010. I missed her first show due to some babysitter issues, but I made it up for her second show:

Here is a picture of me in the crowd watching Tenecia on stage:

My motivation came from within, but I didn't do it alone. There were days when I wanted to quit and I would get a text from Tenecia. She would send me a picture of what she was eating or she would say, "Git it!." I remember sending her an obscene t-shirt telling her she was Fvcking Fabulous. I liked it so much, I bought myself one. She would give me a shout out before she was about to go work out or before I would head out to workout. I would text her a picture of what I was eating or a picture of me flexing my bicep or something silly. It kept me going. Not only was I not going to let myself down, I wasn't going to let down one of my fabulous supporters.
So, I worked out. I followed a meal plan. I pulled muscles. I tweaked ligaments. I threw my back out. I limped around. I took ibuprofen. I thought about quitting. My nerves got the best of me at times, but then I would get a text from Tenecia, "So excited to see you on stage!" and I would think, OMG! my next meal is in an hour and a half! Where's my running shoes? I need a bandanna to catch that sweat because I am going to run my ass off! Where's my ipod? I need some new music....Oh, Let me find my high heels! I need to practice walking in those things! 3 year old has them in her closet!
There are some invisible gifts in life. You just never know when someone is going to inspire you when you reach out to them, or when someone suddenly appears in your life and you find yourself giving them support as well! You may also not be aware as to what kind of impact you may have on a person when they have a goal they are trying to reach. Support in any form is welcomed. At least, it is in my book. Sometimes, the support brings greater meaning to that person than you realize. Even if it is something that seems so small or silly.
Tenecia brought that to me. I got on the stage. I did it! Here is me walking out on stage at the Fitness Arizona competition:

Since that time, I've kept the fluff off. I am in an off season now. I am eating better. I am balancing my life and enjoying a more fit mind and body. I am contemplating another competition in August, and have signed up for a mud run next month and a mini triathlon in July. I should also note that the bikini competition I did was the first time I have ever wore a bikini in public! I had someone ask me why I didn't just wear one to the beach? Why did it take a competition to put a bikini on? I am not quite sure, but the thrill and joy of accomplishment was totally worth it!
Thank you Tenecia for that little push. I needed it. Friends can really help motivate!

Make sure you check out Chelsea's blog Git It Girl!! She's the perfect combo of sweet, sassy, and comic relief!


  1. oh WOW. i love this!
    LOVE it!
    love the "invisable gifts" andobviously the deeper meaning this all brings...
    i think both of yalls stories are amazing and inspirational!


  2. wow, talk about the motivation the two of you have! absolutely filled so inspired. just reminds me that i have to work hard to get results.

    thanks for sharing your story!

  3. Friends make all the difference in the world!! :) I love this.

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