Friday, February 10, 2012

My Response to Work "Gifts"

A question that I keep getting from my co-workers is "When's your next show???". I feel like wearing a button that says, "My next show is ____" and I'll just write in the dates of my shows as I'm prepping for them :)

Now that it's common knowledge that I'm in off-season and my diet is a bit more relaxed, I have been receiving more offers of food, invitations to go on snack runs, and gifts magically appearing on my desk.

Today, I came into work to find three of these bad boys on my desk......

I may have screamed asked "Who left these here???!?!" to which I received no reply....there was dead silence in the room....seriously, I could hear crickets chirping!

Damn it, people! I'm trying to stay lean! I'm trying to still be able to fit into my date jeans! I'm trying to not throw up when I see myself naked in the mirror!

So, here's how I feel about your chocolately coconut slattered fat inducer gift.....

No, that's not chocolate on the corner of my mouth. My breath does not smell like coconut. Shut up! Stop judging me!!
*runs out of the room*


  1. lol and lol and lol!!!
    except in this case i want to wear a sign on my back saying, YES IM PREGNANT,THIS IS BABY WEIGHT,I DIDNT LET MYSELF GO AFTER THE SHOW-PROMISE!BUN IN THE OVEN!'

    oh and btw i just finished the other part to my post, i did give a link in there connected to you and your 'tan rule" post-
    hope you dont mind!

  2. LMAO! I love this... its so true. Some people are just so damn RUDE :)

  3. TOTALLY!! Oh dear gracious! Well they are TRYING to be nice I guess. lol! I had that happen too, but after 1.5 years of me in the 'off season' which looked pretty much like the 'on season' except with more clean carbs people got the picture. ACK! Don't be afraid to 'share the love' when it gets shared with you. Cut those babies up and leave them in the break room. :D

  4. Baahahahaha! I feel the same way, except I work from home. So, whoever is doing the grocery shopping around here needs a refresher of my goals right in the face!

    Hang in there! It's sounds like you work with some pretty great people, though! Maybe let them know that a better gift would be a new sports bra or just send them the link for Lululemon! ;) ha!