Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Skinny on Being Skinny

The back of the book reads, "The truth is, skinny girls live by a set of Skinny Rules, whether they realize it or not. And now dietician and nutritionist Molly Morgan has collected their 101 secrets so you can free your inner skinny chick and lose weight - without dieting!"

What book is this, you ask? The answer is......

I saw this book on the New Non-Fiction display at the library branch I work at and you know I had to check it out! It is not my goal to be "skinny". My goal is to live up to the wonderful compliment Keelie from Sweat = Success gave me. She called me "shredded & sassy" and while I want to look like the picture below year round, I still had to read more than the cover of this book!

The first rule is "Believe You Can Be Skinny". My initial reaction to the rule was "seriously?!?!" but as I read on, each rule has several paragraphs explaining the rule, I realized the rule wasn't completely off-the-wall. The rule is about your frame of mind. It's about being positive about losing weight. The idea of the rule is to continually remind yourself that dropping and keeping off weight is possible.

Skinny Rule #9 is "Call on a Co-Pilot". The rule encourages the reader to have a co-pilot or support system. Your co-pilot will help keep you accountable as well as provide support when you need it. Muscle & Fitness Hers published a brief article on their website along the same lines - you can find it here.

Skinny Rule #30 is "Train Like A Pro Athlete". Adopt the work ethic of a pro athlete. Pro athletes make working out and proper nutrition top priorities and essential parts of their day. Commitment to training is required every day, year round. This is not a part-time, one season type of lifestyle. No excuses are allowed!! Donloree of Bikini or Bust wrote a great post about being sick & tired of excuses - it's a must read - check it out here!

Skinny Rule #77 is "Bring It with You" and yes, it's exactly what you're thinking. Bring your food with you! You are not crazy to bring along your healthy meal. Your body requires the right type of fuel and having the right options readily available is a must. *I'm not afraid to admit that I've pulled out a ziploc baggie containing chicken breast & veggies out of my purse while at a staff meeting!

Let's get down to the nitty gritty - answering the question of is this book is worth your time or not! While I wasn't too thrilled about seeing "skinny" every other word, I think the book is worth reading. Most of the rules are common-sense and practical ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you're not new to healthy living, the book is a nice reminder of some of the things you should be doing but may be forgetting like rule #2 Hit the Pillow or  #52 Don't Forget the Magic Meal.

So there you have it, a book recommendation from your friendly librarian :)


  1. Being a skinny girl growing up, I still kinda cringe at things that use the word skinny as their marketing tool, but I'm glad this book isn't all fluff and foolishness, despite saying skinny 50billion times in it.

    PS: you look HOT in that pic. good god woman!

  2. I almost hated the word "skinny" by the time I was done reading the :)


    P.S. Thank you!!