Sunday, February 5, 2012

An Off-Season Lesson

I'm still getting used to this off-season's really the first time I've not been focused on a show date in almost 2 years...crazy! Anywho, one of the lessons I'm learning during this time is I've missed my junk-in-the-trunk :)

Yep, my bubble butt is making a return :)
I've never had a flat butt (thank you, genetics)....more like a bubble butt...I never really gave it much was just always there. That is, my bootay was always was the reason it took 5 billion tries to find a pair of jeans that fit....but as I began doing figure competitions, it slowly starting disappearing.

One of the pieces of feedback I've received from the judges is I need to round & tighten my glutes. I've dedicated one workout a week specifically to this goal and today was the day the glutes workout was taking place!

It started home gym Desert Sports & Fitness....if you're ever in Tucson, you know where you need to go to get your workout on!

I warmed up for 5 minutes on the Cybex Arc Trainer at the highest resistance and highest incline that is possible on the machine. If you don't know what an Arc Trainer is or have seen one but never tried it, you need to take this cardio machine for a test drive. Check out this video from AZ Pro Physiques about the Arc Trainer.

After 5 minutes of hell hard work, I went in search of piece of equipment I hadn't used in quite some time. I found it in the room where the group fitness classes are held, in the corner, waiting for me to come out & play.

The box!!!
Let me just tell you that box jumps are no joke!! I'm not the best at plyometrics! I struggle through them every time and today was no different. I did 4 sets of 10 and my legs were definitely feeling it by the last set! I knew I was struggling when I almost fell off the box because I hadn't jumped quite high enough!!! #teamklutz

Here's what the rest of today's workout looked like:

(with front foot on box/step)
4 sets of 115 x 8 (each leg)

Leg curl
50 x 20, 65 x 18, 80 x 15, 80 x 12

Leg extension
50 x 12 (2 sets), 70 x 10 (2 sets)

Leg press
180 x 12, 270 x 12, 360 x 10, 360 x 8

135 x 10, 185 x 8, 205 x 8, 225 x 5

I wrapped the workout a 2 mile run and as I got off the treadmill, I knew that I was going to be in a world of hurt in the upcoming days. No worries, I'm starting to enjoy DOMS ;)

If you're interested in more exercises geared towards building & tightening your glutes, check out the "Build Your Glutes, Yo" post over at One Fit Foodie and "Build Your Best Butt Now: Interview with Bret Contreras" over at Mother Fitness


  1. Thanks for sharing your workout! I love seeing what other people do in the gym.

  2. Love this. I can't get rid of mine though. I have a major ghetto bootay (that was my nickname in high school)... and it doesn't flatten for anything.

  3. looooove this!!!
    cant wait to try and modify some of these exercises,and then once june rolls around,ill be using the baby as my personl free weight.....
    and yeah,like kerryne,i have been given the nickname ghetto bootay too!
    ive always had to buy a pair of pants one size up just so my butt and quads have room!
    i blame genetics,track and hill sprints!
    but its all good

  4. NICE! You do have quite the cute little butt. Love it! :) Box jumps are hard work for sure. Round and firm here you come!

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