Friday, October 15, 2010

F%*k You Friday

I didn’t forget about this Friday’s “f%*k you”!!! There are so many things that I would LOVE to give a super-sized middle finger to this week…yes sir…it’s been one of those weeks…but I think I’m going to focus on something incredibly powerful and positive that took place this week.

The 33 Chilean miners were rescued from the collapsed mine they had been confined to for 69 days!!! I’m definitely not a touchy-feely person but I will be honest when I share with you that watching those men come out of the ground to their families and supporters made me cry. It made me feel good to know that beneath it all, we as human beings still care about one another, still possess compassion, and will join forces to support those in need. It was a clear picture of what humanity could and should strive to be.

So, no “f%*k you” this week just a huge thank you to everyone who helped those men survive their ordeal and return to their families!!

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